31days: worship


1. reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage,
or to any object regarded as sacred.
2. formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage:
They  attended worship this morning.
3. adoring reverence or regard: excessive worship of business success.
4. the object of adoring reverence or regard.
5. (initial capital letter) British. a title of honor used in addressing
or mentioning certain magistrates and others of high rank or station
(usually preceded by Your, His, or Her).
(used with object), worshiped, worshiping or
(especiallyBritish) worshipped, worshipping.
6. to render religious reverence and homage to.
7. to feel an adoring reverence or regard for (any person or thing).

(used without object), worshiped, worshiping or
(especially British) worshipped, worshipping.
8. to render religious reverence and homage, as to a deity.
9. to attend services of divine worship.
10. to feel an adoring reverence or regard.

but, what else?

One definition is missing: life.
Every aspect of our lives is designed to be worship to our Creator. If we “feel an adoring reverence or regard,” then everything we do is an act of worship. Worship stems from our very souls – deep in our guts and beings. We were designed that way. We are intended to live in reverence and regard.

Knowing that, I’m going to spend the next 31 days linked with Write 31 Days  discussing worship. I invite you to follow not just me, but all participants buy using  #write31days on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re all on Pinterest, too. Personally, I’ll be using the additional hashtag: #31daysworship.

I’m not spending 31 days writing definitions. Instead, I’m sharing with you methods, ideas, prayers… opportunities.

My goal with this series is to help open your eyes and mine to a life of worship. A life of gratitude. A chance to stop in the busy-ness of life and offer praise. Let’s lament together, too. Because, our God is big enough to handle it.

In short, let’s begin opening our eyes to more ways and opportunities and resources for worship.

31 days_

This space will be the “bulletin” (if you will) for the series. I’ll post below a link to all posts in the series so you can review them as a whole or individually as the series continues.

Come, Let us worship God together!

Our Worship Bulletin:

  1. Call to Worship
  2. Confession
  3. Morning Praise
  4. Communion
  5. Devotions
  6. Empathy
  7. Affirmation of Faith
  8. Pardon
  9. Offering

Additionally, I’d love to hear from you about how you worship in your daily life. Take a minute to fill this out and let me know. With your permission, I just might share it here!

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