…in which I start to run

And how you can support me…

I don’t run. Ever. Not even when I’m being chased. Well, maybe then I’d start running. But typically, I don’t run.

That’s about to change.

On January 7, 2016 I’ll participate in my first ever 5K run during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. On January 10, 2016 I’ll participate in my first ever triathlon during the Naples (FL) HITS Triathlon Series.

I blame my brother.

Matthew challenged me to participate in the Naples Triathlon, so I agreed. I’m doing the “mini” (also known as Open) triathlon for my first event. The swimming is going to be easy. The biking, I have no idea. The running is the part that scares me. Terrifies, actually. And yes, I know that the open triathlon includes only a one mile run. I don’t run. See above.

When I committed to this event in January, I realized it’s right around the Disney Marathon Weekend so I looked into the 5K. All spots were filled unless you ran for a charity. I applied to run with Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s Team Lemon and was put on a waiting list.

And then came the email.

I have been granted a spot on the team to run for Alex’s Lemonade Stand on January 7, 2016 in the Disney Marathon Weekend 5K. I’ll run at 6AM on Thursday morning. I’ll also be raising money for a charity that is working to fight childhood cancer.

Cancer Fundraising. Disney World. My First EVER 5K.
Oh, and a triathlon, too.

The best part about this weekend is that YOU can help support me!

I’m “borrowing” an idea from one of my friends, Leslie, who regularly runs marathons. She allows people to pick her music for her when they give a donation. I picked a song for her first NYC Marathon as she ran on behalf of another organization and it was a lot of fun!

Now it’s your turn to help me. My fundraising goal is $750 and I have until February 7, 2016 to raise the funds. The race is on January 7, 2016. Feel free to make any level donation, but if you meet certain levels, you get certain perks:

$10 donation = one training playlist song pick
$25 donation = one 5K playlist song pick (the list for while I run the 5K)
$50 donation = one triathlon playlist song pick (for while I run & bike)

As my playlists grow, I’ll list them here on the blog for you to follow.

-Team Lemon is Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's national athletic program, inviting all athletes to make a difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer.-.png

I am anxiously excited about this new thing I’m going to do in my 33rd year. I’m even more excited that you’ll be helping me to train, participate, and raise funds for a cancer foundation – a cause y’all know is very near and dear to my heart.

So, as I enter my 33rd year and my 11th year of cancer survivorship, will you cheer me on, pray for my health and preparation, and support my new ventures with your dollars and song choices?

Get excited. It should be interesting to watch a gal who doesn’t run actually run. Not once, but twice in one weekend.

Here we go y’all…

Donate Today!

Training Playlist
All This Could Be Yours – Cold War Kids (Sara Anne Berger)
Stand By You – Rachel Platten (Sara Anne Berger)
Work This Body – Walk the Moon (Sara Anne Berger)

5K Run Playlist
Roar – Katy Perry (Kris Brenneis)
Here Comes the Lion Guard – Beau Black for Disney (my kids)

Triathlon (Run & Bike) Playlist

Fight Song – Rachel Platten (Katie Barrett Todd)


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