31 days: devotions

Even the most busy of us is able to squeeze a few moments in during the day for some devotion time. Some people like to wake up in the morning to spend lots of quiet time with God first thing. Others like to find a spot outside at lunch and spend time in nature and in the Word. Still others enjoy time with God just before they close their eyes and lay down for the night.

I’m a night owl. In the morning I’m usually dealing with a toddler wanting to climb into bed with me. Lunches are either at odd times of the day, or they happen over meetings on campus or during Presbytery committee meetings.

Night time is when I’ll get in my quality time with God. Currently, I’m enjoying reading through Savor by Shauna Niequist.I was introduced to this book while at a conference in July in Denver with Jonathan Merritt and Margaret Feinberg. If I remember correctly, Jonathan was in love with not just the writing that encourages us to spend time with God, but the cover of the book itself. And I must agree, holding this book in my hands right before I fall asleep is a divine experience all its own.

d365.org is a fantastic app and email daily devotion written by pastors, teachers, leaders and writers from all sorts of denominational backgrounds. The devotions are broken down into 5 sections, all of which are accompanied by musical selections carefully chosen for the week.

Interesting fact, and shameless plug, yours truly has written the devotions for this week over at d365.0rg and the theme is “Where is God?”


Another two books that are great “reflection” resources for quiet times are:

Living Well One Line a Day
(which is a five year reflective journal broken down into literally one line per day)

Note: There are several other versions of this book as well, and I have the one for Moms, too that I use as a memory-keeper of silly children actions and sayings.

Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude
for which there is also an accompanying study)

There are so many options for devotionals that I couldn’t even begin to give you a comprehensive or exhaustive list if I wanted to give you one.

I hope that these start to tickle your taste-buds for small bites of divine encounters in your day.

Even if you don’t feel you have a lot of free time to give, you do. These rituals and devotions of worship time can be divvied up into lunch breaks, evening prayers, morning wake-up, coffee moments, and anything in between.

My hope is that you begin to feel blessed by the time you spend in worship with our Lord, no matter how long or short of a time offering you can spend each day.

God will delight in spending quality time with you.
You will begin to delight in spending quality time with God as well.

I pray for you:
Peace. Quiet. Spirit. God. Worship.
Enjoy, Friends.

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