31days: morning praise

mornings. are. hard.

let’s not lie to ourselves. there are days that we would rather turn over, throw the covers back on top of our heads and hide in our blanket forts for the rest of our lives. the last thing we want to do is get out of bed and face the day. waking up feels more like punishment than a gift.

am i right, y’all?

maybe you’ve seen this picture floating around the interwebs? if you haven’t, consider it a morning gift for you today from me. you’re welcome.


being the mom of two toddlers, a semi-employed pastor, an aspiring writer, and the wife of someone less skilled in the areas of house-keeping, I get that there are days that we just can’t adult. it’s Saturday, and praise be to the holiest of holies my children slept in a bit today. but, you’ll also notice that all of my words are in lowercase. today, i just can’t be bothered to worry about punctuation. it’s my version of not adulting. it’s my mini-rebellion against the mornings, if you will.

but…there’s something amazing about forcing yourself out of the covers…

(and I say this as one who adores, almost worships her covers & sleepy time…)

sometimes, God’s just overjoyed to gift us with the day. sometimes, we won’t even realize the gift until it’s nearly bedtime again, but the gift wouldn’t come if we hadn’t have gotten out of bed that morning.

in early July i left my family behind in Nebraska to venture into a world that terrified me. i attended the writers boot camp with Margaret Feinberg and Jonathan Merritt. i was literally shaking as my car pulled itself into the parking lot to begin a three-day bootcamp on learning how to be a better writer. (i’m sure I didn’t drive across Denver because I was too anxious, scared, and intimidated to find my way there!) I think I intentionally allowed myself to live in a naive bubble leading up to the event as I didn’t feel equipped qualified to be attending. nonetheless, I was blessed by my courage.

courage. that’s what it takes to get out of bed on those days we just don’t want to. the days when the world can just spin on past us because we just can’t possibly face what’s on our calendar that day. maybe you messed up and have to live up to the disappointment you caused. maybe you didn’t quite finish what you’ve got to preach or present that day. maybe you just didn’t sleep well. maybe you’ve lost someone precious and can’t imagine being in a world where they aren’t. maybe the alarm clock is just plain too early for you that morning. maybe…it’s just hard.

courage. it’s a way of saying “thanks God.” it’s accepting the gift of the new day. it’s being grateful for making it through another day and the night before the morning.

courage to rise in the morning is praise. it’s our way of acknowledging our creator. it’s a form of worship. we don’t even have to say anything to God. we just have to be. we just have to live. we just have to get up, put one foot on the floor and then the other. then stand up and go.

on that trip to Denver i did something i don’t ever do. i woke up at 4:15 in the morning, a mere 4 hours and 15-ish minutes after closing my eyes and putting my head on the pillow. the alarm clock was definitely too early that day. i put on my jacket (yes, a jacket in July.) and i drove to a place i’d never been before. i drove to Red Rocks Amphitheater. i’d been told that if i could spare the time it’d be worth the early rise and the drive. so, i did it. i had the courage to face a day at bootcamp knowing that i’d only be working on 4 hours of sleep.

and God blessed that time for me. it wasn’t the quietest spot to sit and capture the painting in the sky as the sun rose, but it was amazing, beautiful, and awe-inspiring nonetheless. i stepped out of my comfortable bed on very little sleep to go and witness what God had made for all the world to see. and i saw my creator anew that morning.

i was blessed. i’m grateful that i took the chance, and that my creator wow-ed me.


some days, morning praise looks a lot like the courage to get out of bed and just put your feet on the floor and into motion. and on those days, i believe that God delights in our worship. i believe, that if we can just get up and get going, we’ll meet and see God in new, awe-inspiring, wow-ing ways. all we have to do is take the first step.

so, friends, sit up. put that foot on the floor. now the other. stand up…go!
go praise your maker this morning…and every morning!

join us tomorrow as we continue the #write31days series with more #31daysworship. and if you’ve missed a day, visit the “bulletin” of posts here.

One thought on “31days: morning praise

  1. Thanks, Katie! Well done! I love the photo from Red Rocks. I did not take the time to do that after the nearly two weeks of travel before arriving so the photo is a great treat for me to see. I identify so much with how you felt as you drove to the Writers Boot Camp, but certainly you were to be there and I must have been or I would never have met you and that would definitely have not been a good thing. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that pleasure and joy!!

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