31days: call to worship

I have a heart for campus ministry. Currently, I’m serving as the Associate University Minister at Nebraska Wesleyan University (#pwolfnation, #yipyip) having previously served as the Campus Minister at Murray State University.

There’s something special, fantastic, and even magical about working with students while they are on campuses at this pivotal point in their lives. I love it! They bring me so much joy. Frustration exists, too, as does disappointment, but we find that in so many places in our lives that I chose to dwell elsewhere while  I’m with “my students.”

A beautiful bonus to campus ministry it that the university campus itself is a big playground. My family enjoys visiting regularly – my kids adore going to “Mommy’s School” to play in the afternoons. Walks to and from various parking lots require one be skilled at dodging flying frisbees while students enjoy games of Ultimate all across the campus. Homecoming includes bouncy houses, lawn games, s’mores, concerts on the green spaces, golf-cart parades around the perimeter. Movie nights happen outdoors a lot. Sand volleyball and bubble soccer tournaments are a regular around here.

Oh, my friends, there is so much LIFE happening
on university and college campuses.

Therefore, it is out of my love for college students that our first opportunity to worship together, through the Call to Worship, is from UWorship, a worship resource published by UKirk Ministries of the PCUSA. (If you are in campus ministry and haven’t yet gotten your hands on this gem…download it now!)

Call to Worship

We’re standing in God’s doorway,
our hands an inch from knocking.
We’re responding to an invitation:
“Come on up to God’s house!”
On the other side of this door,
we’ve been promised security, peace, and rest. But we hesitate. Can it really be true?

The only way to know is to enter.
The door’s unlocked. The table is ready. God is waiting.
Let’s go in.

Yes! Let’s go in and worship God together!
Join us tomorrow as we venture into the world of Confession during #31daysworship.

Blessings on you this day and everyday!

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