how to be my best for him

As the sun began to peek through the wooden blinds slats he shuffled into my room with his buddies in hand. Whispering, he climbed into bed and curled next to me as I peeled open one eyelid to see his face. “Mommy! Mommy. It’s time to wake up.” I slid my arm across the empty sheet space and pulled him and his friends toward me. Curling up, he continued, “Mommy, it’s morning time.” I smiled and acknowledged his presence with a nose wiggle meeting the tip of his tiny nose against mine. He giggled, smiled and his next words struck a chord deep in my heart, “Mommy, you’ll always be my perfect pretty princess.”

My son’s words are thoughtful. Nothing comes from his lips that hasn’t been extensively considered. When he speaks his expressions bring light and life into the room and joy to the hearer. On the rare occasions that he utters hurtful words, his face displays his disappointment with himself upon discovery that his word choice instilled pain. At three years old, my son is more expressive than nearly every adult I’ve met. He proudly bears his heart on his shirt sleeves.

This wake up affirmation was not the first time he’d praised me; actually, the praises come more regularly now that he’s growing into a little man, thus indicating the importance of his proclamations. I need to use my listening ears, heed his words and live up to them for his sake…and for mine.

So, how can I be my best for him?
How might I be the princess he imagines me?

I can start by absorbing his words. I accept them. I welcome them and I relish the beautiful face that utters such profundity from this lips. My son thinks the world of me and the feeling is mutual. And when this little man thinks enough of me to tell me that I’m his princess, I am convicted. I must strive to be the woman he sees.

Next, I will share my gratitude. When he chooses to bless me I can’t help but bless his thoughtfulness in return. We all need to hear words of affirmation, particularly from those who are excited and eager to share them with us. When the first thing my son want’s me to hear in the morning is that he think’s me perfect, I’m must embrace those words, tell him they are precious to me, thank him, and do my darndest to live up to each and every one.

And, finally, I’m going to start believing him. Beauty seems sparse to those of us living in this world wrapt with ugliness. We struggle to accept that we are made in the image of a God whose creation is deemed perfect. We struggle to understand of ourselves the positives others do of us. We can’t grasp that we are worthy. Yet, this little person believes with his whole being that I’m beautiful, so I’m going to start to believe it about myself. I’m going to see me the way he sees me. I need to become the woman he already knows I am, and when I feel I can’t live into his perceptions, I must reach back into my memory and feel his warm breath whispering into my ear the truths God want’s me to understand in my gut.

As the birds began to chirp outside, my bed mate reminded me that it was indeed morning and time for us to awaken to the new day. When he asked my permission to wake up, I obliged, giving myself permission to live this day into his love. He doesn’t yet know that his Mommy struggles with her self-esteem, and honestly I hope he never will, but he knows what he perceives of me and delights when I receive his affection. His smiles and gentle caresses on my face tell me so.

The light bearer as he is named, craves my acceptance of his grace and my son  continuously bears to me the light of God’s grace. Choosing to be my best for him means I accept myself how God created me which furthermore invites me to be my best for God.

  God created human beings; he created them godlike. Reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female. God blessed them…
it was so good, so very good!

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