Kate Wilson.

Living where we do, so far away from family, we don’t have very many options of persons on which we can call to help with our babies when we need help of any size: small, medium or large. Today was large.
Extra large, even.

Kate showed up at our house at 7:00 am to watch our babies, took them to school in Paducah at 9:00, picked them up at 2:00, and kept them entertained until nearly 6:00 pm today for us. All the while, watching her own son who was out of school for the day, and making the time to go vote for a county tax referendum.

We had a Presbytery meeting today, and since it was nearly 3 hours away from home in Bowling Green, we had to leave at 7:00 am in order to make it before the meeting began at 10:00. And, knowing that we’d be gone all day long, and knowing that both of my children has their own “schedule” for the day,” we specifically asked Kate to help us because we knew that not only could she handle it, she’d handle it with flying colors. And my kids would be more than excited to have “Aunt Kate & Tanner” time. Luke was in heaven, and Lilly has a crush on a significantly older gentleman that I’m still not comfortable with, no matter how much I like his Mommy.

There aren’t many people that would willingly step in to help in such a major way, but Kate did, and I think she even enjoyed the day, too. Her willingness, and knowing that my children love her and her son put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on the work of being at a Presbytery meeting all day. Words don’t begin to describe my gratitude. Let me just say, in no small terms, that I’m feeling fully blessed by God’s grace and bounty to us with Aunt Kate and her family.

My heart is full.
God is good!

And Kate…she’s a truly faithful servant with a heart of gold and full of love.

Bless you, Kate.
Thank you.

this is day 12 in a new series: 30 days of gratitude

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