31 days: music with meaning

It hit me in the car one day. The words to that song.
You know the one I’m talking about. The one you haven’t heard in a long time, or maybe it’s one you just heard 30 minutes ago on another station.
It’s the song that has powerful words that speak life into you.

Those words.
They bring joy. They empower. They convict. They make you stop and think. They break your heart.
The words wash over you in a way that no other words can. They uplift. They carry meaning.

It’s probably a timing thing. You’ve heard the same words spoken into your life lately from a million different sources, but this is the first time you heard the words.
Or, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve heard them and memories come flooding back.

“That’s exactly what I needed today…right this minute…at this very second,” you say to yourself.

I’ve done it a lot. I spend a lot of time in the car on most days, so I hear lots of songs from lots of various stations. And then there’s the Sunday morning hymns from church, too.

Words. Music.
They are power. They are life. They are grief.

For the next 31 days, I’m linking up with The Nester for Music with Meaning. I’ll share a song that’s had some meaning in my life at some point. I’ll try my best to have a link to the song so that you may actually hear the song to which I will refer. Music is a source of worship for me, and if you know me, you know I can worship in so may different ways, so you should be prepared for so many different styles of music and why they are meaningful. At least, they are meaningful to me. And it’s my prayer that they become meaningful to you. And maybe, just maybe, one or two of them might just point you to a time and space of worship that you’d might not have considered before.


This page will serve as the “tape deck” for the songs. Hit rewind or fast-forward as you see fit. But you’ll find the whole playlist here as the 31 days march forward.
That all said, Maestro, let’s strike up the band!

1.      Here I Am, Lord                                    4:06
2.      Hold Us Together                                3:28
3.      Made to Worship                                4:17
4.      Friends in Low Places                        4:25
5.      We Hail Thee Carolina                       0:52
6.      Seasons of Love                                  3:23
7.      Our  God                                                4:32
8.      Bruises                                                   3:54
9.      Alejandro                                              4:34
10.   Overcomer                                           3:49
11.   Wrecking Ball                                       3:42
12.   2001                                                        2:15
13.   Brave                                                       3:58
14.   Grateful                                                  4:43
15.    Restore                                                  4:01
16.    It Won’t Be Like This For Long      3:37
17.    Hall of Fame                                        3:54
18.    Christmas In Dixie                              3:38
19.    Sandstorm                                           3:45
20.    Words                                                    3:32
21.    Dance in the Graveyards                 3:40
22.    Roar                                                        4:30
23.    I Will Lift My Eyes                               4:01
24.    10,000 Reasons                                   4:22
25.    Happy Birthday                                  2:50
26.    Just a Big Ole Gamecock                  4:01
27.    Somebody Loves You                      3:38
28.    Good Morning                                    3:24
29.    Landslide                                              3:48
30.    Same Love                                           4:39
31.    Applause                                              3:35

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