a visit back to Columbia

Vacations right now for us with two small kids under two have all been trips back to Columbia this year. After all, Columbia is where family resides, and my parents make it so easy for us to go back and visit – they pick us up at the airport, have everything we need for the kids (diapers, bottles, changing pad, bed, crib and even clothes), give us a car for the week and  they give us as much freedom as we want while we’re there, even though we’re staying in their house. As far as they’re concerned, we could even come into town and stay at their house even when they aren’t there, or even barely spend time with them if we chose. To them, it’s our vacation and they just want to make it as easy for us as possible. Given that vacations are hard with our two littles, we welcome the ease with which we can visit them and still feel as though we’re our own family doing our own thing. That said, we enjoy heading to see family and friends whenever we can, and this last trip was no exception.

Here’s a small taste of what we enjoyed while in Columbia:

And one afternoon Candy & Mommy returned home to find that Pops & Luke had set up a car wash just for the Wee!

Lilly, Candy & I went to go visit Nana for a special ladies-only visit:

And as we flew home, I saw this beautiful sight:


We had a sweet visit and returned home safely, and we’ve been recovering from our travels for a few days now, too. I think we’re just now starting to readjust. God is good to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to visit family & friends as often as we’ve been able, despite the distance at this time in our lives.

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