17 months

Dear Luke,

Today you are 17 months old. I’m amazed at how fast you’ve grown and how much you’ve grown. You continue to be such a sweet joy to our lives, even when you are testing your limits, pushing boundaries, and even in picking up “bad” habits from other kids. You constantly amaze me with our growth and development, and your love of other people makes me smile. I am grateful that you are social like your Daddy and enjoy being around lots of other friends and adults as well. As I write this, it’s one of the last days we will have with you as our only child, and while I’m excited and sad about that, I’m very happy to see that you’ve become such a big boy and will be such a wonderful big brother to your baby sister. Here is a little more about where you are in life at 17 months old, Buddy.


You absolutely love to talk. We are starting to be able to decipher some of what you are saying, which makes conversations with you that much more entertaining and also helpful. For the most part, however, we still don’t know a lot of what you say but that surely doesn’t keep you from talking to us or anyone else that will listen. You love to use your voice, including using your outside voice inside a lot, so we’re working on using our inside voice and screaming/squealing only when we’re outside.

One of my favorite stories of you and language is of you in the bathtub one evening not too long ago. Daddy was bathing you and you two were laughing up a storm, talking about who knows what – we sure didn’t know what! Daddy looked at you and said, “Luke, when are you going to start talking so that we can understand what you’re saying?” You promptly stopped, stood up, put your hand on your hip and gave him a sidewards glance. I guess you were telling him that you understand him just fine and he should understand you just fine as well. You have quite the personality, son!

Some of your favorite words include:

“MoMo” – MoMo, your monkey
“A-me” – Ahmni, your puppy dog
“Mama” – Mommy
“Dadada” – Daddy
“eeese” – cheese
“bye-bye-bye” – bye bye
“uh oh!” – a longtime favorite of yours & one of your first words
“MiMi” – Juanita from church
“weee” – wee!
“peepee” – potty, wet diaper, pee-pee
“adubu” – I love you
“bebe” – Baby, one of your first words
“oool” – school

In sign language you understand “Thank You”, “more”, “all done” and “bath”.

You also understand us very well and respond to our requests, even when you don’t know how to phrase the words yourself. Often we can ask you to do something and you know what we are asking you and you will either do it, or intentionally not do it if you’re in the mood to push boundaries.


You are constantly on the go. You don’t know when to stop and because you are so active it made it very hard for us to tell recently when you were actually sick. You carry on full-steam-ahead every day and have honestly worn out your very pregnant Mommy many times. You have lots of friends at school with whom you love to play, and lots of friends from church and Columbia who are older than you with whom you like to keep up…or at least try to keep up.

You are a climber. When you are hungry, you climb the chair into your high-chair seat. You climb on the stage constantly in the ministries center at church and you love to climb the stairs to the pulpit in the sanctuary. If we would let you, you’d scale the steps at home alone all the time, but we don’t let you so you climb them well while holding onto the wall and one of our hands. You move furniture (mostly chairs) so that you can climb into them on your own. You like to climb down off of our bed and the sofa. You’ve tried to scale the baby gates in the house (thank you Ikea for making nearly indestructible gates!), and you have even recently tried to climb into your crib from the floor in your room. One of your favorites, though, is when you climb into your dresser or on the dishwasher.

Here’s a video of you climbing the neighbor’s play set for only the third time on Easter Sunday. You look both fearless & timid in this video, but let me assure you that in the last 10 days, you’ve become nothing but fearless when climbing the wall. You would prefer to not have Daddy near you when you climb. Sorry, though, he’s by your side for a bit longer.

You love music and love to play the piano at church, both in the ministries center and in the sanctuary. You’ve even expressed interest in the organ once or twice, but Mommy & Daddy won’t let you near that! The Easter Bunny brought you your very own piano with your basket this year and you love to play and dance along to the music. You like to strum your Daddy’s guitar, sing and dance to music, and dance to the alphabet song from your letter dinosaur. One of your all-time favorites, though, is dancing along with Ellen. And you enjoy when either Mommy or Daddy sing to you when you are upset. Pretty soon we will be starting family music time so that you can play your instrument while Daddy plays his guitar and leads us all in singing and dancing. I’m so thankful that you’re more musically inclined (and interested) than your Mommy is or ever was!


We bought you a baseball tee/bat set and you love to play baseball with it in the playroom. You favor your left hand with hitting and throwing the ball, as well as eating and other activities, but you’re not a bad hitter with your right hand, either. Mommy is right handed, Daddy is left handed, and Pops wants you to be a left handed pitcher and switch hitter. No pressure, though.

You are currently in swimming lessons at the pool at your school and you love them. We go once a week for Mommy & Me lessons, and you’ve finally learned to become a little more fearless around the water. You’ve always loved to splash and play, but now you’re learning to kick, swim underwater, lie on your back, jump to Mommy, walk the walls, and glide toward an object…preferably a floating ball. Coming from parents who love the water, we’re so glad to know that you like the water, too, and we can’t wait to get you in the pools this summer as much as possible. Swimming & pools are so much fun and we love to hear you laugh and squeal with delight when you’re in the pool!

IMG_0853Our Little Fish!


You, sir, are a skinny boy! You eat all the time and love to eat, but you are so active that you burn off most of what you eat. At your last appointment, when you were sick, you weighed 25 pounds and measured right at 33 inches. You are currently wearing 12-18 month jeans/pants, but your shorts are 12 month and the waist is too large for you. In shirts you mostly wear 12 month, but some 9 month polo shirts still fit you very well. You sleep in 12-18 month footed pajamas. You are a size 5.5 shoe, when you chose to have them on your feet, and you love your new flip-flops that we got you for the spring. Next month we’ll have you re-sized for summer shoes and see how much your feet have grown.

Some of your favorite foods include: pizza, cheese, green bean/pea crunches (Trader Joe’s), cereal bars, oatmeal, grits, bananas, ham, turkey, fish, shrimp, applesauce, Life cereal, goldfish, fruit/veggie gummy snacks, yogurt, bread, potatoes, chicken, hot dogs, beef, Craisins, milk, apple juice/water, water, anything squeezable that you can feed yourself, pretzels, cinnamon toast, and chocolate when your Mommy & Daddy allow you to have some. You are becoming quite the independent eater and like to feed yourself, so we’re working now on forks & spoons. You understand the concept of scooping it into the food and brining it to your mouth, but the execution of getting food onto the spoon sometimes fails. This does not stop you, however, as you are very determined and like to try and try again. You prefer to eat bananas whole now rather than having us cut them for you, the same goes for string cheese and cheese cubes. You are even starting to prefer sandwiches in whole pieces so that you can bite them yourself rather than picking up pieces. Of course, this leads to the occasional choking, but we watch you diligently and constantly remind you to drink your juice/milk/water while you’re having your meals. And you do not hesitate to tell us when you are hungry, often running to your chair and starting the climb unassisted.

You sleep very well and we are thankful for that! Let’s just keep it up when Baby Sister arrives, okay. Mommy and Daddy will need a good sleeper in the house, so you keep taking those naps like a champ and sleeping 11+ hours at night, okay. Thanks, Buddy!


Lately we’ve had a problem with you liking to take off your diaper and pee (and occasionally poop) in your crib during nap time or in the early morning before you choose to wake us up. We’ve been putting your pajamas on you backward at night, and in the daytime, now that it’s warmer and you’re in shorts more, we are taping your diaper onto you as well. You’ve show lots of interest in your diapers and don’t like to have a dirty one on you, so when you let us know you’ve gone “peepee,” we change you. At the encouragement of some other mom friends, we’ve started introducing you to the potty. You understand that when we ask you if you need to potty or “peepee” you walk toward your new potty and start to remove your diaper/clothes. When you are “finished” you walk to the adult potty and flush the toilet. You’ve even used some toilet paper appropriately, too. We are hoping this will help us in the transition of potty training you at some point soon, but we’re not pushing it and we’re just encouraging you to remember the potty when you start to get anxious about having your diaper on you.

IMG_0862Ready for Summer!

IMG_0842Mommy & Son Date Knight at Chick-fil-A

Despite a few frustrating days lately with the diapers and the bed incidents, and a few other habits you’ve picked up from older boys at church & school that we’ve had to work on breaking, and despite your few grouchier days before we realized that you had an ear infection, you are a true joy and we feel very blessed by you. You continue to flirt for attention wherever we take you, and people don’t seem to mind showing you the attention either! You love having friends over, going to friends houses, and you especially love it when grandparents and/or aunts & uncles come to visit you and dote on you. You are a very loved boy, and you love to show affection to others, too. You give hugs and kisses freely when people ask for them, and sometimes even when they don’t, and you love to share “gifts” with other people, too. You have a very genuine, tender, sweet heart and we know that after you adjust to having a new baby in the house, you are going to be the best Big Brother your sister could ever ask for!

We certainly are blessed parents!

We love you more than you will ever know, Luke, and almost as much as God loves you!

Mommy & Daddy

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