baby #2

We had quite the surprise in September when we learned that we were pregnant again. We knew that we wanted to have our kids close together, but we just didn’t quite plan on getting pregnant 9 months after having Luke. Best laid plans, huh? Or, tell God your plans and then sit back and watch God laugh, right?

After we got over the initial shock, we set out to find an OB/GYN in Kentucky that would fit our needs and make us feel as comfortable about this process as our beloved Dr. Lyman had in Columbia. I made a few calls around and no one seemed to have any openings, so I resorted to asking my neighbor (who was pregnant with her first at the time) about her Doctor and made a call. They offered to see me the very next day, and let’s just say that God placed a huge blessing on our lives through this doctor and his office staff. We’ve been happy customers ever since!

Mason begged me to find out the gender of this baby since we did the surprise route with Luke. Well, Mason and just about every grandparent, that is. We compromised. Mason got to find out the gender, but I got to say when & how we found out. So, in early December we went to the appointment with the intent on finding out for our very first family Christmas present…on Christmas morning.

I knew that we had a stubborn son, but I didn’t know that we’d have a stubborn second child, too. Wait, who am I kidding? Both of these kids’ parents are stubborn and they’ve got some pretty stubborn aunts, uncles & grandparents, too. There’s no hope for us in the stubborn department. Well, this baby has proven that it’s going to be just as stubborn as the rest of us.

We were doing great at the ultrasound, learning that we’ve got another growing, healthy baby for which we are both so grateful to God, and then the tides changed… I swear to you that I was convinced we were having another boy because Baby wouldn’t uncross legs for the gender reveal. Then, when legs finally uncrossed after nearly 20 minutes of jabbing around with the ultrasound wand (which felt amazing, I might sarcastically add), Baby threw his/her arms down between his/her legs and blocked our view once again. Finally, after lots of poking and prodding and coaxing, the nurse tech was able to find the gender and print out lots of pictures for us. She meticulously placed the pictures in an envelope and covered the first picture with a sticky note so that we couldn’t peek through the envelope to find out earlier than we wanted. She was so excited for us and asked us to please get a video of the Christmas morning reveal.



We didn’t actually get a video, but it was a very sweet Christmas morning reveal for us. Luke was still asleep, as were Katy & Matthew, so we snuck downstairs to the Christmas tree, shooed my dad out of the living room and opened our very first Christmas present, just the two of us. We did have the Paparazzi hanging just around the corner snapping pictures on his phone for us, but it was a very sweet moment. Then, when all of the family joined us back in the living room for the advent wreath & gifts, we revealed to them the gender & made calls to the family who wasn’t in Kentucky with us for the holiday.

So, we’re excited to say….as if you didn’t already know by now since I’m so delinquent on updating the blog…Baby Todd #2 is a…


Yes, in just a few short weeks I’ll be brining home a baby GIRL to join our family. We are so very excited to welcome her into our home and our family!

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