Columbia “vacation”

For a week in the middle of October, I headed back to the warmer! south lands to enjoy some time with family in Columbia. Most would call this time away from home a “vacation,” but this was a “vacation” like no other. I don’t think there was a single moment of down time from the time the plane wheels landed in Greenville on the first afternoon.

We got back to Columbia on Monday evening and spent some time with Pops & Candy before Luke headed off to bed in his brand new Columbia crib that Pops & Candy picked out for him. No more pack ‘n play when he stays with Pops & Candy! After a decent night’s rest for some people in the house, Mommy not being one of them since Luke woke up at 4:30 for a bottle, we hit the ground running on Tuesday with a packed day. Mommy, Luke & Candy went to go see  Nana for a few minutes before Mommy went to visit Kiah and get her hair cut. Then after lunch at the Happy Cafe, we took a short power nap in the car and headed off to the South Carolina State Fair. Luke rode the big ferris wheel with Candy & Mommy, enjoyed his first Fiske fries, a Dailey’s corn dog and some mini donuts that we took home for Pops.

Luke with Kiah
fiske fries, yummy!
windblown on the ferris wheel
hello Columbia!

On Wednesday, Mommy left to go to Charleston with Candy & BA to do some shopping for the night, so Luke stayed with Lil Papa & MaaMaa and then with Grandmommy on Thursday afternoon. When I picked him up on Thursday he was thoroughly worn out and ready to have his Mommy back…and I must say, I was ready to see my little man again, too. Although, it was nice to have an adult night away. (Thanks grandparents for keeping him!)

Friday we went to Charlotte so that Mommy could get some more baby gates and new fall/winter maternity clothes. I got to go back to Ikea and eat some of the yummy meatballs for Pops. Well, he didn’t exactly share them, but we thought about how much Pops loves them while he was eating them. It was a long day, but Luke really enjoyed the play place with Candy at Destination Maternity which allowed Mommy nearly 1.5 hours of shopping time un-interrupted!

Saturday morning we enjoyed bagels at Bruggers with Auntie BA and Candy, then walked over to Tootsie’s to get Luke some precious new shoes. It was lots of fun to see Miss Freddie, who actually fit me for my shoes when I was Luke’s age and Mommy went to school with Miss Freddie’s daughter, too. Luke got some snazzy new church shoes, and I must say, he’s quite the handsome little devil on Sunday mornings now! Ladies, hands off…he’s too young… That afternoon we watched the Gamecocks play, then did enjoy a little bit of restful time on Saturday night.

Miss Freddie checking shoe sizes
new church shoes!
testing out my school shoes

Gameday cuddles with Candy

Sunday was the original day we were going to leave for the conference, but the plans got changed so we got to spend one extra night with Candy & Pops before we departed on Monday morning. So, we dressed up for church at Downtown Church where L flirted with all of his old USC girlfriends in the nursery upstairs. After church we went back to visit Nana before lunch and nap time, and then we spent the rest of the day getting ready for departing for Montreat on Monday morning. I must say, he was the cutest little man at church, and the ladies at the Presbyterian Community couldn’t get enough of him either.

steadying myself in the new shoes
playing the spoons with Nana

love my Nana!

All in all, despite the constant movement and on-the-go nature of our “vacation,” it was great for us all to get to spend time with family. We wish that Daddy had been with us, too, but we are thankful that we got the chance to visit family and knew that we’d be spending time with him the next week in Montreat at the church conference. Luckily for us all, Daddy will be with us for our very next trip back to Columbia!

2 thoughts on “Columbia “vacation”

  1. Looks like loads of fun. Kylee said she was a little jealous of those other girlfriends. However, he gave her kisses yesterday and that made her forget his running around. Lol.


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