fun fall afternoon

Since it appears that my son will grow up in a climate that includes 4 seasons, much to my chagrin, we decided to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny but breezy-cool 70 degree afternoon and go for a family walk. We ended up at the school kindergarten playground right down the street before coming home to “rest.” (Someone showed every sign of being tired, but when it was nap time, all he wanted to do was talk to his “friends” in his crib; so, we just rested.)

we started out swinging with Mommy


then we moved to the elephant with Daddy


next we attacked the climbing wall
well, we tried to


then, i survived a dark cave…


and i rescued Daddy and we slid to freedom!


After the walk and the rest time, we came home to play and enjoy tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper. Mommy even tried her hand at baking and made some pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins for her & Daddy and made some pumpkin bites just for Luke to destroy! I think I can get used to fun, family, Fall afternoons around here…if I can get used to frost advisories for September!!!

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