august visit to south carolina

When we moved we vowed to our family (grandparents and such) that we wouldn’t go more than a few weeks without seeing one another, especially since family-wise, it’s just the three of us living here in Kentucky and everyone else is in South Carolina or Florida. That being said, Luke & I visited “home” for a week in the middle of August after Candy was with us here in Kentucky for a week. Two straight weeks of Candy…bliss! One week without Daddy…sadness! But, we made the most of it and had a great trip anyway. Here are a few pictures from our time back down south.

for starters, I turned 9 months old!


and i made new friends with Shiloh, Kiah’s puppy. i think she likes me.


and of course, i got in some very good cuddle time with my Nana


and she let me ride her sweet ride again!

After some fun time in Columbia, we took a trip to Charleston & Folly Beach. It was Luke’s first time out of utero at the beach and in Charleston. We were so thankful to get to have the time there and really wish that Daddy could have been with us, but somebody’s gotta work so that Luke can have fun vacations, right?? In place of Daddy, Candy & I invited Auntie BA to join us for the time and we had lots of fun. Luke really loved the unlimited “lady time” and really used it as a chance to branch out and flirt with even more low country ladies when we were out and about. Luke also got to see Camp and I got to see Camp’s mommy, Soss! Here are a few pictures from our time on the beach and in Charleston.

my very first view of the beach!


i recognize the water, but what is this grainy stuff beneath me?

i got to hang with my birthday buddy, Camp! Mommy & his Mommy are good friends and they had fun seeing each other.

man, that’s a HUGE bridge!

i did some swangin’ with Candy

and i posed with my ladies


Back in Columbia, we also went back to the Zoo, which Luke loved on his first trip. It was significantly hotter this time around, but there were about one thousand less people since it was early in the morning and not after work hours for members only. Luke also went to the doctor for his 9 Month check-up and shots. He passed his physical with flying colors and got the all-clear to eat whatever he’d like! Mommy is still holding off on honey, peanuts & cow’s milk until after November 11th, however. I’m so thankful that I have such a healthy baby boy!

me and Candy scoping out the elephants


look at that hot baby in the mirror! he’s quite the stud!


When we were back in South Carolina he also spent some time with Grandmommy, but we don’t have any pictures from the day with Grandmommy. He also got to go see Little Papa & MaaMaa who took him on a big walk to Rosewood Market to show him off, but again, no pictures from that adventure either. It was a very quick week, but Luke got to see all of his grandparents, experience the beach for the first time, talk to the animals at Riverbanks, see some of Mommy’s friends and hang out with his birthday buddy Camp. We had a great week back in the deep(er) south, but were happy to be home because we missed Daddy very much.

Thanks to everyone back in South Carolina for the great visit! And thanks, Daddy, for letting us go and leave you behind. Maybe we’ll take you with us on our next adventure…


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