Candy is in town so I’m taking advantage of her being here, especially where it comes to Luke. We’ve been checking some items off the list, doing some day trips to the other big cities around, she’s helped me around the house which has allowed me some working time, and I’ve even been having her do some driving of us around town. She’s gotta learn her way around somehow.

One item on my list for Luke was a children’s ID card, but there was no way I was going to pull that off by myself with as wiggly as he is now. It’s a two-woman job; one hold’s the kiddo and the other stands by the DOT camera to get his attention and encourage a smile. I got stuck with the holding gig and Candy got the giggles.

I decided that since we would be traveling with him a lot, it would be best to fork over the $4.00 to get an official state ID card. This eliminates me needing to remember to have his shot records or a birth certificate with us when we fly in order to prove his age. On our first flight home, I somehow missed that I would need a document to prove Luke’s age. I about broke down in tears when the attendant asked if I had it and his helper insinuated we’d have to buy him a ticket rather than him fly for free as a non-ticketed lap child. The poor gut must have felt sorry for me because he let me fly without identification for Luke saying he could tell he was under 2, but we need something for the return flight. The documents were secured in Columbia in the form of shot records, but I want to avoid carrying anything like that around again. Less papers to deal with, especially when I fly with him by myself and have less available hands.

After Luke woke from his morning nap we headed to the Courthouse to get his ID card. I had a mild moment of panic when I realized I didn’t have a Certificate of Live Birth birth certificate, but thankfully they accepted my pretty, decorative Lexington Medical Center Birth Certificate (footprints and all) in place of the other. I guess the accompanying social security card and live child in my arms were proof enough that he was alive and real. After a few minutes of “paperwork,” we moved on to the photo taking. Again, Candy got the easier job today. Luke smiles, waved, climbed on the chair, bounced, hammed it up for the camera, sat still, stood still, and finally gave up and started to climb back into my arms. Out of all of the options of picture taking opportunities the lady had, this is what we got.





At least he’s now ID’d and you can see his face. Let the travels begin.

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