summer olympics

My favorite sporting event of all time has arrived: the summer Olympics. I love the sports, the uniforms,tans the athletes. The sports in the summer Olympics, in my opinion, are some of the most intense sports you will find played. There might be a few exceptions…

That being said, I’m so excited to watch swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, basketball, track and more. While I still wish Baseball was a sport, I will settle for that which is available.

Mostly I will be glued to the swimming, but I love the chance to watch sports that with the exception of every 4 years, I never have a desire to watch. I am impressed with the athletes, their coaches and their nations for supporting and encouraging ther dreams. What an honor to do what you love and represent your country in the process.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of negative comments about Michael Phelps, who is arguably the best American athlete competing at these games this year. People have been bashing his cocky attitude and slandering him for daring to think he can, or will, achieve his goals and calling himself the best athlete of all time. I can agree that it has not yet happened, but I disagree with the slander.

I was a swimmer. I swam in every race  these athletes will swim in at these games at one point in my career or another – in a meet. I swam in meets and races against former Olympic medalists. I put in the hours of work each day in practice, dry land work, weights, taper, pre-meet diets, etc. I am nowhere near their caliber, but I know their dedication and talent. I know their sacrifice, their fear, their drive, their focus…their determination and dedication.

Because of that, I will never bad mouth an Olympic athelete of any sport. I will never say that they need to lose their attitudes and stop thinking they are better than others, because if they do that they might as well retire and not compete on the World’s stage. I will never tell them to get a job. They have one and it’s representing us, our country, and they work harder every day at their job than some people in a single week. I will never openly slander or bash them just because they are good and get to play a sport for a living.

I respect them. And you should, too.

Go Team USA!

Go swimmers! And, Go Michael!

Make us all proud…and bring home the gold.

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