luke’s baptism

Mason and I debated a lot about Luke’s baptism. We knew that Mason would be ordained this year and thus able to baptize Luke, but that would be in Kentucky and not until Luke was older. While we were fine with all of that, we also had some reservations given that family (Nana, most importantly) is here in Columbia and if we had him baptized in Columbia, family could attend (meaning Nana could attend). When Mason said that he didn’t really want to baptize his own children, the deal was sealed and we decided to have our friend Amos Disasa baptize Luke at the church we’ve called home these last 6 months.

Downtown Church is a unique new church in Trinity Presbytery. It’s a fantastic portrait of the Kingdom on Earth. DC has a unique combination of people for it’s congregation. Those that call Downtown home include young and old, wealthy and homeless, heterosexual and homosexual, men and women, children (LOTS of children) and young adults, PhDs and high school dropouts…truly a portrait of all of God’s children worshipping together and embracing each other week after week. Amos has done an amazing job of thinking outside of even the most non-traditional worship boxes for styles of worship, music, location, sacraments. He’s so creative and it’s obvious that he’s open to the Spirit’s guidance in his leadership at the church. The church is a wonderful place for us to call home, especially coming off of some trying church experiences in the past year. Worshipping with Amos and the congregation at Downtown each week has renewed our creativity, challenged us, and left us thinking and excited each week after worship…exactly what we’ve needed God to give us as we venture into the next exciting phase of our ministry. All in all, having our friend baptize our son was just the icing on the cake…we are so thankful that Luke was able to be baptized at Downtown Church and that we were able to have our dear friend Kiah Creed represent the congregation and pray for Luke during the sacrament.

Knowing that we were going to be busy being parents, we chose to hire our friend Lee Walker to photograph the occasion for us. She caught some amazing moments, some which are very dear and personal to us, and some that are just plain fun. And of course as expected, there were some that we didn’t even know we’d missed until she gave us the pictures. I’ve included a few of them here for your enjoyment. All of the pictures here are Lee’s work. (Isn’t she talented??)

getting dressed
baptismal font

Kiah prays for Luke
Family with Amos and Kiah
Playing with my Nana
The Todd & Cannon Families
cuddles with Mommy
Luke with Candy & Pops

Our friends Ryan & Janine came to worship with us for Luke’s baptism and Janine took some great pictures from her point of view during the service and after. Please be sure to go visit her blog and see some of her pictures, too.

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