As I mentioned before in an eariler post, our lives are about to change for the very different and very exciting. In a quick recap, Mason has accepted a call to be the pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Mayfield in Kentucky. We will be moving in the middle of June with him being installed as Pastor on Father’s Day. (Not too shabby of a way to spend your first Father’s Day…)

But first things first…he has to be Ordained before he can be installed. While we are very excited about this new journey in our lives, we are equally excited that Mason will be ordained at our home & supporting church, Shandon Presbyterian, on Pentecost Sunday. How very appropriate for an ordination, huh? Nothing like celebrating the Holy Spirit at work in our lives through calls to ministry in the world on the day that we celebrate the Spirit in the church and world!



I don’t really know that there are adequate words to describe how proud I am of my husband. I am grateful every day (even when I don’t necessarily act like it, or when I take him for granted) that I get to spend my life with such an incredible man. I am thankful that he lets me share his love, his child, his ministry and that we get to be partners in life and in faith. I’ll admit that I’m quite anxious about the next steps and becoming a “preacher’s wife,” but I am so ready to see him fly and really get to be who God has created him to be in ministry with no one holding him back.



Abundant God, you have created us all with unique gifts to share in ministry and love with one another. You have also given us companions for our journeys and cleared the paths for us that you hope we will gratefully follow. We have to step out in courage and faith, knowing that you are guiding us and leading us, and confident that as you promise you will never leave or forsake us. You have led Mason & me on an incredible journey of life to this point, now I ask that you infuse us with the confidence to move forward boldly and claim this call that you have placed in our lives for this time and place. Be with my husband as he is ordained into service of Word and Sacrament in your church, and bless his ministry. Be with the church and congregation as they welcome and embrace his leadership. Give him words to preach your Word each week, a heart larger than imaginable for your people whom he will serve, and eyes and ears to see and hear the needs and also celebrations of this new flock. Give me the strength to support him in all ups and downs of this new call, and give me the wisdom to help him lead and provide him with support and encouragment at home. Thank you for the old friends and colleagues who have carried us to this point, and thank you for the new ones you will place in our lives to help carry us forward. Most importantly, God, thank you for the families that love us abundantly and how us the outpouring of your unwavering, selfless love; without whom neither of us would be who we are today. Thank you for a call on our lives, and thank you for the strength to respond accordingly to that call. And Lord, thank you for the man that I love beyond words, the son that we love almost as much as you love him, and the knowledge that you love us so much more than what we can fathom as love. Amen and Amen.


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