the preacher’s wife

I’m excited to share some great news with you, and I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating…

Mason has accepted the call to Ministry of Word & Sacrament (Teaching Elder) in the PCUSA as Solo Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Mayfield, KY. The plan is for Mason to be ordained in Columbia prior to our move to Mayfield, in late May, and the be subsequently installed at First Presbyterian upon our move.

Mason met with the Committee on Ministry of Western Kentucky Presbytery in March to be examined and was unanimously approved for the call. His next steps are to be examined in May on the floor of Presbytery, where he will also preach during the worship service. He also has to receive approval from Trinity Presbytery here in Columbia to be ordained at Shandon, our home and supporting church.

Kentucky will be a change for us, and my role as Pastor’s wife will certainly be a big change, but we both feel that this is exactly the place where God is calling our family at this point in our ministry. Mayfield is a small city between Murray and Paducah in Western Kentucky, about two hours northwest of Nashville. First Presbyterian is a historic church in Mayfield with a small, but energetic congregation. They desire a pastor who is willing to grow with the congregation and also encourage the congregation to think outside of the traditional box with the pastor. They were also very specific about wanting a young pastor with a young family, or soon-to-be family. (I think we fit the bill…)

We have traveled to Mayfield twice now in this process and feel like this will be a good new home for us. It will be different being away from some of the big city amenities that I’m used to, but I think the slower pace of life will be very good for me as I continue to settle into my new roles as mom, pastor’s wife and hopefully, curriculum writer. We’re already hearing talk from grandparents about planned visits, and we know that there’s a direct flight for them (and us) between Greenville and Nashville that I’m sure will see a lot of activity from our family, nuclear and extended.

For the time being I’ll be staying home with Luke while Mason gets settled into his new role. Once that’s going well, we’ll then start to look at options for me as far as work and also possibly Ordination. Yes, I’m still on that track, but given the limited number of options in Western Kentucky for ordained positions (there are currently 8 ordained options in the entire state, 3 for first-time calls, and 1 in the western part of the state), we’re going to see where God takes me on the journey to ordination. I’ll still remain under the care of Trinity Presbytery as a Candidate, Certified Ready to Receive a Call.

These next two months will be bittersweet and busy as we prepare for the move. I’m sure I’ll get Columbia-sick, and family-sick, too, but I’m trusting that God’s got some great things in store for us up there that will help to keep my mind off of the fact that I’m going to be so far away from extended family (particularly the grandparents). It will be a new challenge for us, but I think we’re up for it…as soon as I wrap my head around the idea that I’m going to be the new pastor’s wife in town!

Thanks for the prayers along this journey, and stay tuned here as I update y’all about ordination details, move stories, and of course…Luke stories.

2 thoughts on “the preacher’s wife

  1. How exciting, Katie! Praying God will continue to bless your family and your new ministry in Kentucky! Can’t wait for more pictures of Luke!


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