mother goose at the library

Luke and his little buddy Graham attended the Mother Goose Story Time at the Richland County Public Library on Wednesday and had a great time. Graham had so much fun that he decided to sleep straight through it all! Luke was trying to figure out exactly what his Mommy was doing to him with a room full of big people and their busy-body little counterparts, but once we got him calmed down and he was reminded that Mommy was there, he seemed to enjoy the puppets, at least.

Despite his aversion to lots of little people in one room, I signed him up for the next round of Mother Goose…it’s free and it’s GOOD for him to be around other kids and their parents. It’s especially good for him to see how other kids get excited about reading, the rhymes and the puppets. And most importantly, it’s good for Mommy to get to spend time with Graham’s mommy and enjoy some play-date time.

On our way out of the library after Mother Goose, Janine decided that she needed to sign up for a library card since she’s never had one. As we were signing her up, I got a wild idea and decided to get Luke a library card of his own, too. Now, he’s officially a member of the Richland County Public Library all on his own, and he’s all set to check out any of his allotted 60 items at a time. (Good lord!) I just can’t wait for the day when he can sign his own name on the back of his library card, too. Actually, I can wait for that day, but I’m sentimental about it because I remember the day that my Mama took me to get my own library card…and I still have it…original signature and all!

Luke be nimble, Luke be quick…next week you’re jumping over a candle stick…again!

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