call me professor

Today I finished my first “semester” as an instructor at USC. Now that I finally (after six years of work) have my masters degrees, I’m qualified to teach at the college level. Those of you who know me know that I do love to teach and I’m feeling now more strongly than ever that this is my calling in my ministry…teaching & writing.

In December I officially received the phone call telling me about and the email inviting me to teach for the Moore School of Business for some of their one-credit, eight-week classes. The class is BADM 301: Careers in a Global Economy and I’m teaching business major junior & seniors in a course that’s required for graduation. I get to teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in that have some adult time away from Luke while Grandmommy Anne keeps him at Grandmommy Day Camp.

When I worked for the Career Center, I worked directly with the Office of Career Management in the Moore School because I was the liaison in the Career Center with the freshman & sophomore business students. I was on the ground floor of this course being developed and piloted to the students as an elective before it was published and became required. As promised by the manager of the course, I would have no problem with the content, it’s the logistics & administrative stuff that I have to learn…like Blackboard…yuck.

It’s been so much fun teaching this semester. I really enjoyed getting to know my students, and I also have cracked up (and rolled my eyes) at the excuses that I’ve gotten from some students as to why they didn’t get assignments done or why they were absent from class. My personal favorite…”Ms. Todd, I missed class and didn’t get my assignment in by the deadline because my grill caught fire on our back deck and burnt down the deck and part of my neighbor’s fence, too.” Or maybe it was actually, “Professor Todd, I won’t be in class today because I woke up this morning to my house being robbed and the police are here now and I have to be here when the investigators arrive to finger print the house.” Really…??? Makes me think about all of the excuses I concocted and gave to professors for missing classes. None were quite that creative, I don’t think.

I’ll be spending the next few days finishing up the final grades, grading final exams and then preparing for my second “semester” of students to begin after spring break. Now that I have a semester under my belt I’ve learned a few things and feel like I’ll be better prepared for the next group of students. I appreciate the time with adult students and I really enjoy the time teaching and planning for classes. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and really look forward to what’s coming up in the next section of the course.

From now on feel free to call me Professor Todd…

One thought on “call me professor

  1. So glad it went well…I’ve been trying to catch up with you to check in. I knew you would do great and I’m sure the students learned a lot. (Gotta love the excuses.) The 2nd semester is MUCH easier, promise. 🙂


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