Ever since the day that we announced our pregnancy to my parents, Mama has said that she’s pretty certain we’d have a baby before our due date of November 20th, guessing around the middle of the month. I would just chuckle and let her feel good about her thoughts…until she was right, once again!

I’ve been getting emails weekly during the pregnancy from “What to Expect” with various tips about pregnancy, and most recently, labor. The email that came yesterday was about foods that induce labor. It has all sorts of witty remarks, none more entertaining to Mason & me as the following paragraph:

“To date, there’s no proof that these foods will start labor unless you’ve already begun to dilate. So you might just have to make the best of the waiting: Plan a night out. Wear a lovely outfit (it’ll be a long time before you get to wear a dry-clean-only dress again) and go to a super-fancy restaurant with your partner and maybe a few pals to enjoy one of your last nights out without a sitter. Make sure to order your favorite appetizer and main course — with an eye on the dessert cart to come. Sit down, relax, and get ready to take your first bite…if anything will bring on your water breaking, that will!”

We find this particularly entertaining because it’s nearly what happened to us. Knowing that we’d be having Baby very soon and that Mason had a youth retreat this weekend (yep, this very weekend) in Black Mountain, NC, we scheduled a date night on Thursday evening. We went out to eat at a new tapas restaurant, but ended the night with dessert at the Melting Pot, one of our favorite places to eat. The date ended with us heading home and working on another piece of artwork for Baby’s nursery before heading to bed. Friday was to be a busy day before Mason headed out-of-town for the retreat.

Needless to say, it didn’t turn out quite as we’d planned…

Early Friday morning, November 11th (at 12:18 am) one of my dearest friends and sorority Big Sis, Katie, had her first son Camp. I almost waited up for the news but fell asleep just before midnight on the 10th. I remember going to sleep thinking & praying that if I was going to go into labor on the 11th, that God please make it happen before 3:00 pm so that Mason would not already be on the road to NC for the retreat.

Be careful for what you wish, I believe, is how the saying goes…right??

Friday morning I woke up feeling “a little off” but didn’t think much of it and didn’t want Mason thinking I was just trying to get him to stay home for the weekend from the retreat. So, I went about my morning as we had planned. I showered and dressed, getting ready for a coffee meeting with a college student who was doing a favor for us. We went to coffee, and I apparently began contractions in the middle of coffee with Rachel. Of course, I didn’t know what it was, so as we left we changed plans of running our other errands and Mason was taking me home. I called the doctor’s office to ask the nurse a few questions about my symptoms and she told me to come in as soon as I could make it. So, our plans changed…we went home to pack up the rest of the bags, throw them in the car and head off to the doctor’s office.

By the time I got there one hour after my first contraction, I was contracting at about 2.5 minutes apart and my water had definitely broken…in stages. After my exam, it was determined that I was 3 cm dilated and they loaded me into a wheelchair and took me over to Labor & Delivery. One hour later, when Dr. Lyman came in to check me again, I was up to 5 cm. I had my epidural (praise the Lord!) and within another 2 hours I was dilated 8 cm. When my doctor came back in one hour later, I was fully dilated & fully effaced, so we tried some “practice pushes” which led to full-onset pushing. One hour later, Baby Todd was in the world and we were all of a sudden, parents!

Given that we were not expecting Baby so early, it’s been quite the unexpected blessing to have our son. Luke is arguably the cutest baby boy that I’ve ever seen. (And no, I’m not biased or anything…) He definitely takes after his Daddy in so many ways, and I’m overflowing with love for the two most handsome men in my life! I know that everyone says it, but I’m so in awe of how much love my heart can hold for someone so small and new. I tell him every time I see him (yes, we send him to the nursery) that I love him more than he can ever imagine…and almost as much as God loves him.

Luke is definitely the most wonderful gift I’ve ever been give. And what makes it even more sweet is that Luke arrived in God’s perfect timing for our family. We’ve enjoyed the past day and a half in the hospital as a new little family of three, and we can’t wait to share him with the world…after we get our fill, first!

Luke Daniel, welcome to the world!
We love you more than you know…and almost as much as God loves you.

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