As much as you might think it does, this post has nothing to do with my mental state about being a new SAHM. Give me a few more weeks & a little bit of credit here, folks.

Nope, this “certified” means that I’ve finally hit a milestone that has been six years in the works…I’m officially now “Certified Ready to Receive a Call” to Ministry of Word & Sacrament. Actually, we both are official now. This means that I can officially begin the search process for an ordained position in ministry in the PCUSA.

When we started school in September 2005, we had wide eyes and wishful dreams about the future for us in ministry…after all, we were just entering our very first of quite a few semesters (17 to be exact) in seminary. We knew that one day we’d graduate, and we hoped that one day our Committee on Preparation for Ministry would certify us, but it was a long way off and we weren’t really paying too much attention to it at that point.

Graduation came for us in April. It was quite surreal, until we received the diplomas and started being referred to as “alumni” by the Seminary. On Thursday night we meet with our CPM for our final consultation on this journey toward ordination, and they unanimously approved both of us and certified us as candidates awaiting a call! We can’t believe that this time has come, but now the rubber hits the road for me as a SAHM. I am now doing serious searches for ordained ministry opportunities, while really discerning where God is calling me to ministry.

One journey ends, and another begins. All I know is that I’ve made it to another huge step on this Ordination journey and I’m trying to remain open to God’s movement in my life for the next steps. Praise be to God for carrying me thus far on the journey, and praise be to God for continuing to carry me. I can’t wait to see where I end up!

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