baby registries

Okay, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been defeated. The baby registry has officially done it, too.

Give me a bridal registry and I can go to town all day long. Give me a baby registry, and I’m lost. Maybe it’s the pregnancy brain, maybe it’s the fact that it’s my first child, but no matter how many years of childcare experience I’ve had (from all ages), I seem to be defeated when it comes to the baby registry. It’s completely overwhelming!


To keep it simple, I decided to go with one store for the “essentials” and one boutique (maybe two) for the cute, fun stuff. Not that essentials aren’t fun…I mean, who doesn’t want a bouncy chair that vibrates…it’s just more fun to clothes & accessories shop than it is to wade through aisles of stroller/car seat combinations! Pshew!

Needless to say, with the guidance of some girlfriends who are new mommies & some great friends who are not-so-new mommies who physically walked me around the store, we ended up registering at Buy Buy Baby. The store has an easy layout, very similar to Bed Bath & Beyond (the parent store), it has a great selection, and best of all since it’s owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, it  has the same coupon policy…AND you can use your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons at Buy Buy Baby! What’s not to love about coupons when shopping for essentials?!? Especially if those essentials happen to be strollers, car seats & furniture!


After surviving the essentials registry, I ventured into the world of fun…at my favorite Columbia Gamecock store, Miss Cocky. They actually don’t have a formal registry (as in you get a gun and scan items like other stores), but they were more than excited to let me come register for all sorts of baby Gamecock goodness! Mason even got in on the fun of picking out some pretty cute wares & accessories for the future little Gamecock. I was honored to be the first baby registry there, and they made the process so easy…shop for what you like & they’ll write it all down for you. The whole process took about an hour and I registered for way more that I thought they even had in the store – it’s a store chock full of goodness. They even told me to come back next week after their new shipment arrives so that I can add more cuteness to the registry!


Here’s just a sneak peek at the cuteness versus the essentials for which we’ve registered:

Boys Gamecock Striped Onesie


Gamecock Cutie Onesie


Garnet Gamecock Onesie



…and now, the essentials…

KidCo White Door Knob Lock


Playtex® Baby Diaper Genie® II Elite Disposal System



See, isn’t the cuteness more fun than the essential? Although, baby does need a place to deposit the diapers & a place to bathe. Oh, and the car seat, too.


Ahh, the joys of planning for Baby!

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