catching up & what’s ahead

I know that I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with everyone, and I plan to do that in the next few weeks. It’s been quite the hectic summer with youth ministry full-time and all of the trips & events that go hand-in-hand with a ministry like that, but the summer is over and things are changing. I should be able to update more about what all I’ve been up to in life over the past several months, and most importantly – the only reason y’all read right now – about Baby Todd.


Part of the reason I’ll have more time is that I’m no longer at Philadelphia Presbyterian as the Youth Director. I’m taking time right now to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) without the baby, and spend time working on my PIF (Personal Information Form, in church speak) to do a search for an Ordained call. The church was a great learning experience for me about youth ministry, full-time ministry and more, but most of all, it really helped me to realize that I am truly called by God to ordained ministry, and in areas other than just youth ministry. Philadelphia was not going to be able to ordain me into the position there, and I knew I’d be looking sooner rather than later, so what better time – God’s timing is always perfect, right? – than now to spend time at home getting ready for Baby, searching for & discerning call options, and spending some much-needed time with my hubby.



Never fear, however…God has a funny sense of humor. I’m already getting booked very quickly to do some consulting & contract work at some Charlotte-area churches, including teaching Confirmation, writing & teaching curriculum resources, and even helping to fill in on Sunday nights at Youth events. I’m leading a Charleston Atlantic Presbytery youth retreat in February, so I’ve now got plenty of time (before baby comes) to work on the keynotes, worship & small group leader guides for that retreat, and I’m very excited about it all. I’m also going to be doing some more writing work for myself, and even some for the Seminary’s online resources, all of which makes me happy just thinking about having the time to make it happen. I have a friend that’s chomping at the bit for me to finish a curriculum resource I’ve started a while ago so that she can use it…since she already uses my stuff…so I’m sure that’s a project that will get done sooner rather than later. Heck, I’ve even been “contracted” to plan a two-year-old’s birthday party, too!


Most importantly, however, this time is going to give me the time that I need to focus on me. I’ve spent so much time over the last 7 years in ministry & work focused on everyone and everything except me, so I see this as God’s way of me taking care of me & God before I move on to the next big adventures in my life…baby & ordination. While none of this is taking place in my timing, because we all know how well God listens to me, I know that God’s timing is perfection and that all will be well, even if a bit tight and unsettling for a while. While I have always thought I wanted to be a SAHM, I also know about myself that I’m a busy-body and I alway need to be doing 5+ things at once. It’s time for me to slow down, focus on having some fun, doing some of what I love, and spend some good ol’ quality time with my family, my husband, my baby, myself and God.


It’s going to be difficult for me at times, so prayers will be greatly appreciated, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for me…us, during this phase of our journey. I’m grateful for what I’ve been given already, and I’m eager to see what lies ahead. (Just remind me of that when I start to go stir-crazy in a few days weeks.)


So, I guess I’ll be seeing y’all around these parts a bit more frequently.
Fasten your seatbelts because I’ve got quite the September & October already calendared…



“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”
– Jeremiah 29:11 (NRSV)

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