saying hi

A few weeks ago, at my 18 week appointment, the nurse asked if I had started feeling the baby move. I quickly told her no, because I thought I hadn’t. Especially since my previously-preggo friends said it felt something like “butterflies” or “feathers.” That’s what I was expecting, and I wasn’t getting any of that.

Later that weekend we were reading our nightly pregnancy  journal and an entry spelled out the multitude of ways that a new mom can feel the baby move, most of the time without even knowing what was really going on. After reading, when Mason was talking to the baby “in whale…I want our child to be bi-lingual,” all of a sudden baby started kicking like crazy. I felt several movements back-to-back that felt like bubbles bursting (not popping, but bursting) and I just started laughing. I told Mason he was being too loud with baby, but he insisted not. Baby decided to either say “Hi” back to Daddy, or tell him to politely “can it.” Not sure which it was, but I know for a fact that it was baby moving and not just gas or butterflies.

When we went for our ultrasound last week, Baby was nice and comfy and not really allowing the nurse to see all of Baby’s parts like she needed to, so nurse Tammy started “jabbing” at Baby with the ultrasound wand. When I stopped laughing, I noticed that Baby really didn’t like that because I felt lots, and I do mean lots, of movements in response, all while we got to watch Baby’s little feet move on the screen. Confirmation.

Aaand…cue the tears & smiles.

I’m finally “feeling connected” to Baby myself, and it’s amazing to be sitting and feel Baby moving around. I know that it’ll start to get uncomfortable soon, but for now I’m enjoying our little game of saying “Hi” to one another. Baby kicks first, and I respond back with a poke and a “Hi, Baby!” Usually I’ll get another kick back, but sometimes, I think baby’s just got jittery legs right before (s)he falls asleep, much like Daddy. Either way, it’s a sweet feeling and I’m relishing it…for the time being.

One thought on “saying hi

  1. So fun! That’s always a special time. Both the girls liked to kick right around bed time, especially when I was trying to fall asleep. Silly kiddos. Ohh and Patrick speaks whale too. What is up with these husbands of ours?


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