almost mother’s day

This year I received many wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day, along with many for a Happy “almost” Mother’s Day. The strangest wish for me was from my own Mama. After I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day, she said, “and Happy Almost Mother’s Day to you…” It was sweet, but actually made me giggle. I was hearing it from other people, but from my own Mama…now that took the cake!

I spent my morning at church where some of my new youth wished me a happy day, and I received some love from the other members of the congregation, too. After church, since there was no youth group, I went home and met Mason who rushed home from Blythewood to spend the day with his baby-to-be and wife-mama-to-be. We went out to lunch to Maggianos, which had a 2 hour wait but magically a table open in the bar area for us, so our wait was just long enough to walk from the front door to our table. It was busy, so we enjoyed a very relaxed lunch of pasta, bruschetta and a platter of desserts…literally. We ordered the sampler, but I’m pretty sure they “messed up” and brought us the dessert platter they show around to the tables. Holy cow! We had to get a to-go box for our desserts!




After our gloroius lunch, we walked around the mall in search of a replacement wedding band for me to wear over the next several months. I’m not already swelling, but I do have a very small wedding band and Mason wanted me to go ahead and get it off before swelling began and we may be forced to cut it off. It’s always been tight-fitting, so it really was a bit hard to remove…then I was officially unwed. I was sad, so Mason suggested we go shopping for a replacement band. He wanted me to be married. (I think it made him uncomfortable taking a pregnant woman out to lunch in public when he was married and she was not…)



We went to four different jewelry stores looking for a combination of what we both wanted. He wanted a “plain silver band” since my wedding band is a simple platinum band, and I wanted a wee bit of bling…since I went ahead and removed the diamond too. He didn’t want bling, but mama wanted some bling. So, this was our compromise…and we’re all very happily married again.


Bling, band and a blue box. Everyone’s happy. And Mason now feels more comfortable being seen with me and “the belly” in public. Pshew. Whatever it takes to make HIM feel comfortable while I’m pregnant…


All in all, it was a perfect “almost” Mother’s Day. I can’t believe that this time next year I’ll be celebrating with a new member of our family. I can’t wait, but at the same time, I can. Baby, stay in there and cook some more. Mama’s not ready for you to join her quite yet. Give it another 6 months, okay.


I hope you all had a blessed Mother’s day…even if you don’t have any biological or adopted children. Motherhood takes all forms, remember those you mentor, love and protect and celebrate them on Mother’s day because they make you a mother-figure. And I celebrate you, too.

2 thoughts on “almost mother’s day

  1. I was thinking about you on Mother’s Day. What a wonderful day of reflection and anticipation of your new little one. It’s still weird for me to hear Happy Mother’s Day! The strangest was exchanging well wishes with my sister. It’s like waking up and realizing, oh yeah this is my life…with two kids. 🙂


  2. Katie, I must have missed a blog post but did not know that you were expecting!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you!


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