a new kind of youth ministry

Part of the journey to Ordination to Ministry of Word & Sacrament is meeting annually with your Committee on Preparation for Ministry.


Mason & I had our annual consultation at the end of March at which point we were asked about our feelings about our “new youth ministry” starting this year. It was funny to think about a new kind of youth ministry, but it’s also a very appropriate description for two youth pastors working in ministry with youth at this point in their ministerial callings.



We’re excited to share with you that starting in November, there will be some changes to our current Todd Family plan for ministry. We are actually starting a new kind of youth ministry at or around Thanksgiving of this year. It’ll be ministry to a youth of our very own.


While we consider ALL of our ministry to youths to be challenging & rewarding, something tells us that this new kind of youth ministry is going to be just a weee bit more challenging and that much more rewarding than any work we’ve done before. Something tells us that infants are a bit more challenging than teenagers…at least in a different sort of way.

We are so very excited about adding on to our family, and we ask that you would join us in prayer as we embark on this new and exciting (and scary, too) journey!



Now, we wouldn’t be awesome youth ministers if we didn’t come up with awesome ways to tell people about our news, would we? I had this whole creative idea planned years ago for how I’d tell Mason when I found out I was pregnant, but it all flew out the window when I saw this:




and then, this:



I lost my creative juices. He saw the first one, said it was probably a false-positive, and we drove to Wal-Mart at 11:00 at night to get another test. I took the second one and it came back with a very similar answer. He started to believe me at that point, and he’s believed me ever since. So much for creative there, but we’ve done much better elsewhere!


If you know my parents, you know they are HUGE Gamecocks fans…and you would expect that of alumni. If you know them very well, then you know that right now we are in the middle of Gamecock baseball season. So, what’s a better way to break the news to them than:



If you REALLY want to get both of them, next time you see them, call them Grandma or Grandpa. Just don’t tell them I said to do that or they will cut off funding for the baby…and we sorta need that! Baby needs a crib, right?? 🙂


Sadly, we had to tell Mason’s mom, Anne, on the phone because she was out-of-town when we were in town telling the g’rents, but she was absolutely hilarious! I swear the woman screamed and squealed for a good 5 minutes, and it made me literally fall on the floor laughing from where I was sitting on the bed. We had to swear her to secrecy, which with her can be difficult, so we decided that rather than threatening her life, we’d just threaten to limit the amount of time she could spend with the baby after birth. I think it worked because we haven’t even heard a peep from her about our news!


Nana learned when we stopped by her place after our first visit with the OB and our first ultrasound. She was THE FIRST person to see the baby picture, after us, of course, and she was quite excited. She then started talking about how many babies she birthed and how great it was for her. I had to stop her when she started to share some of her nursing stories. That was a bit much for me…especially the first time around. I’d really like to experience it myself and NOT hear other people’s horror/war stories. (Right…like that’s possible….)


Bill & Margaret received a half-opened invitation to our Graduation at the end of the month. I say half-opened because it was sealed for delivery until we got the ultrasound picture, then we decided to open the invitation and slip it in the envelope for them to see when they opened our graduation invite. They were very happy, did a bit of squealing too, and even sent me home with two boxes of maternity clothes. Oh LORD, help me!


Mason told his youth in fantastic Mason-style. They had a bowling night planned for the youth on Sunday, so this is how they all found out:


I particularly love the fact that NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM realized what that meant. He had to actually explain to them that he was going to be a daddy, hence the name “Daddy Todd.” Then of course, they all screamed, got excited and started demand the baby be named after them.


My youth were busy stuffing Easter Eggs for the church-wide egg hunt this coming weekend, so I decided to give them each an egg of their own. I made notes and stuffed the eggs, then when we ate dinner I passed them out to the youth. I got lots of excited responses, and then came the comments of “oooh, you need to name your baby…” For not knowing me very long, I felt really loved and that the youth were genuinely excited about our news and my sharing it with them. Of course the parents and the Session were over the moon excited.



Matthew & CarrieAnne were the hardest to reach given that Matthew is in Barbados right now and CarrieAnne is not allowed to answer her phone at work, so we had to drop hints and patiently await return calls. Matthew was apparently excited to my parents, but sorta miffed we had waited a whole 2 months to tell him! (Brothers…) Matthew even went on to tell Mason that now that only one of the two of us can drink, he doesn’t have to bring Mason any liquor back from Barbados when he comes back to the States in May for a conference. Sorry buddy…think again! CarrieAnne screamed for a while, went on to talk about how she loved being pregnant, and then proceeded to tell Mason that I was allowed to have WHATEVER I wanted whenever I wanted it while I’m pregnant. Thank you, Carrie! I will remind Mason to call you often when he decides to think otherwise.


We’re pretty sure that the fortune cookie gods got it right when they gave us this fortune cookie right after we found out that we were expecting. How appropriate!

How did they know?!?


All in all, it’s been fun telling people and watching reactions. Of course people are literally dying to share the news, so we asked them to wait until we announced first, then they could go wild.

Well, here’s our announcement family-world — so go crazy! 🙂

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