GameDay @ USC

Everyone’s all abuzz on campus right now because ESPN’s Football GameDay has set up on the Horseshoe and will broadcast both this afternoon LIVE and tomorrow morning. It’s quite an exciting time, and I’m glad that I work on a college campus at a time like this – so much fun to see the students, faculty & staff so excited! Heck, even Carolina Dining got into the action yesterday with a big amusement park style party on the patio with free swag and all. (I scored a big sticker on my way to my flu shot and intend to wear it to the game on Saturday.) For those of you unable to see the Twitter & Facebook updates about GameDay, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.


Thursday afternoon set-up begins.



Excitement continues to build as construction ends. Students gather to see what’s going on.


Erin Andrews & Kirk Herbstreit prep for Friday afternoon’s live broadcast.



It’s fun times around campus right now. People are going crazy on Twitter talking about the game, and families are driving their kids over to the Horseshoe to see what’s  going on with the hopes of spotting some famous ESPN-types.


I was lucky enough to score a few tickets to the game tomorrow through some University connections AND through a friend, so Mason & I will be at the game cheering as loudly as we can. Those of you watching from near & afar, we expect the same level of commitment from you as well. As my mom says, this is the bottom of the 8th inning for the baseball team…now we get to see their true grit. I think this team can do it…we just have to dig in, score on every opportunity, give our defense ample resting time, and hold out hope for our QBs.


If you want to follow game commentaries tomorrow, here are a few I suggest. (And you can always follow mine, but I’m not as “technical” about the game as some of these I’m suggesting.)


Travis Haney – Post & Courier – @gamecocksblog

ESPN GameDay – @gamedayfootball

Adam Garrett – Hardcore Alum – @lifeofagamecock

107.5 The Game – @1075thegame

Cocky – @cocky2001

ESPN’s Erin Andrews – @erinandrews


There are many more, but I’ll let you figure out who you want to follow…if anyone. It’s quite humourous following these guys/gals in the middle of a football game  or other sporting event. Especially if it’s a Gamecocks event.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for now…



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