loss for words

This next week will be a new experience for me. I will be at a loss for words, I know it. I’ve been to quite a few youth conferences in my time, both as a youth and as an adult leader. This time I’ll be going to a whole new type of youth conference as a youth leader for a bunch of youth that I don’t really know (yet).

I’m heading off to Presbyterian Youth Triennium as one of the adult leaders from Trinity Presbytery. I’m taking 9 of my own youth from New Kirk, but I’m also taking 12 other youth from the Presbytery. I’m excited and anxious about it all, but I also know that I’ll be in a personal retreat this week with inadequate words for what I’m about to experience. It may be a while before I can open up about it, but I’m not going to leave you hanging…

Venture on over to the Trinity @ Triennium blog and keep up with us this week. See what we’re learning about God’s call to us at this time in our lives. Witness us experience something amazing through our pictures, and enjoy the stories of the week through the words of our youth & adult leaders.

Hope you’ll join us over there this week…seeing how I’ll be at a complete loss for words.

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