me, day 30: whatever

Can I please first say…PSHEW!…I’m so glad that I’ve finally made it to 30 days!?I’m sure this would not have been quite so daunting if I wasn’t completely mentally drained between work, school and trying to be creative for my projects and ministry ideas. I apologize to my readers that this was probably not quite as interesting as you thought it might be, and if it was downright boring at times, I apologize for that, too!

Now, to the point of this post…my final “whatever” post:

I’ve never pretended that I didn’t have aspirations of being published before. I love writing curriculum and editing too, and hope to one day be blessed enough to publish something with a publishing house. In the meantime, I’m perfectly happy to settle with being published on my Seminary’s website of Christian Education resources.

You’ve seen some of my children’s literature work before, now we’re moving on to movies. We’re currently in a class where we’re evaluating already published resources for CE, but that work is for in-house and won’t be publicly published. It’s more for us to know what works for us and how to go about evaluating rather than for open publication and public use.

Anyway, my last “whatever” post for the series of me is another publication, as if you probably didn’t already know that. Hope you enjoy. It’s on a movie that we rented one night from Netflix and really enjoyed it. Funny how I now read books and watch movies specifically with the idea of CE & sermon illustrations in mind. Funny, and a bit sad, too. Occupational hazard, I’d say.

Becoming Janefaith review

I hope you enjoy the movie and the review. I will still continue to post links to some of my work as it’s published. Feel free to use it…and I’d love to hear feedback from you as to if you’re actually using it or not. Let me know what works, what doesn’t work, what you like and what you don’t like. Constructive criticism helps the budding author.

Oh, and thanks for putting up with my randomness over the last 30 days. I promise, more interesting stuff to come…including pics & stories from recent trips.

So, how are you using the faith reviews of books and/or movies?

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