me, days 26 & 27: week & month

My life is insane, but I like it because I have incredible friends and a great family to support me. Not to mention, I get to do it with my hubby and we also get to enjoy time in ministry together. We’d really like to be done with school altogether, but we’ve only got a few more months of that and we’re looking toward the end…happily.

I decided to combine these because no two weeks of mine ever look the same – ever. And it’s not just in the small details that they differ. It’s the big stuff, too. Because the weeks change, the month’s change too. I don’t think I’ve ever had a day or week, and definitely not a month, that has looked the same as the one before it…ever.

In short, here’s how it goes for the week: work, school, church meetings, gym (when meetings & events don’t interfere), homework, worship, youth group, family time (when we can spare it…usually over a lunch). Let’s just say, it’s a crazy life and someone’s got to live it, right?

Now, for this month. We’ve been fortunate enough to have two vacations – in the same week, but two of them – this month and we’ll be spending some work time at two youth conferences in the next 4 weeks, too. We’re wrapping up this semester with school, but that wrap-up is causing more stress than ever before and it’s making me start to freak out that it’s not going to get done or that I’m going to become psycho-student-wife in order to get it all done in time. Somehow I always survive, but for once I’d like to not just survive my way through the end of the semester. I guess that’s what we get for taking 3 classes, huh?

Upcoming this month: Presbyterian Youth Triennium with 22 youth from Trinity Presbytery at Purdue University, and Montreat Youth Conference Week 6 with 18 youth from New Kirk. Mason & I will both be serving as small group leaders again this year at Montreat.

Fun times in the Todd household…and it’s never the same as it was the day or week before.

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