me, day 25: my day (in detail)

Wow…not that any of you really want to know my day in detail, but I guess I’ll share it here for all inquiring minds.

Now, I must preface this by saying my life is insane. As if you didn’t already know this. And, I have two different schedules I will share you…one for class days and one for a “normal work” day. Enjoy. But promise me you won’t laugh too hard!

Monday thru Thursday

7:00 AM – rise & shine (or just rise)
8:00 AM – work
Noon – lunch
6:00 PM – off work
6:30 PM – gym (on a good day)
6:30  PM – meetings or youth event (on most days, actually)
8:00 PM – dinner (on the good, gym days)
8:30 PM – dinner (on meeting, church days)
9:00 PM – homework/tv hour
10:30 PM – bed


6:15 AM – rise (no shining, promise)
7:40 AM – leave for class & pick up breakfast on the way
8:15 AM – class #2 (#1 is actually on Friday nights)
11:45 AM – class ends, walk to chapel
Noon – chapel
12:30 PM – lunch with fellow students
1:30 PM – class #3
4:45 PM – class ends, drive home
7:00 PM – dinner either with friends R&J, or at home
11:30 PM – last-minute prep for Sunday mornings
Midnight – bed

Lucky for me that for 3 more weeks, I get Fridays off…so it’s mostly a homework, catch-up day. But hey, I’ll take ’em where they’re offered!

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