me, day 20: hobby

I feel like this post piggy-backs on the previous one. I’ve always felt that hobbies and talents go hand in hand. I mean, really, if you’re not talented at something are you going to spend your valuable spare time engaged in whatever as a hobby?

Since we determined that organization is my talent, I’d be inclined to say that being organized is my hobby but it’s actually my life. It’s the way that I survive. It’s the one God-given gift that I don’t think I’d be able to live without. Don’t try to take it away from me or I just my go all ape-wild on you! (You’ve been fairly warned…)

I’d say that my talent leads me to be able to enjoy my hobby…which is Carolina sports, particularly Gamecock Baseball & Basketball. Football is enjoyable too, but I just genuinely like the baseball & basketball sports more. And the athletes tend not to be quite so thick-headed and arrogant. Typically.

Yep, my current hobby is attending sporting events with my hubby. We’re both so limited on our time that we consider going to the sporting events to be dates…a quick dinner at Sandy’s hot dogs before the game and we’re golden. In a way, we get to date each other pretty regularly if you think of the games as dates. Hey…I do get to date my husband some!

Yep, my blood runs completely Garnet & Black. I’m one big Gamecock. Carolina baseball & basketball…there’s my hobbies.

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