me, day 19: talent

I really can’t think of a talent that I have. You’d have to ask others what they consider to be my talent(s). I don’t really spend much time doing anything outside of work, school and church…unfortunately.

I used to Scrapbook, before graduate school came along. I enjoyed that and owning all of the fun things that go into making scrapbooks, but I wouldn’t call myself particularly talented at scrapbooking.

I’m a former swimmer, but it’s been years since I’ve really been swimming competitively and even then I don’t know that I’d call myself talented. My coaches always said that I had a particular “mental block” that kept me from going to “the next level,” whatever they meant by that. Again, not really that talented.

I am insanely organized. Maybe that’s my talent. Although lately my brain has felt more discombobulated than ever before. I’ve read about all kinds of unique things that can help you stay more organized, but for now my tool of choice is my phone – love my Google calendar and my access to everything right there at my fingertips. It helps me stay organized.

Does being organized really count for a talent, though? If you ask Mason, that’s my life calling…to be organized and keep him that way, too. So maybe that’s my talent…I mean, it does fall into every aspect of my life. How my jewelry is placed in the jewelry box, how I pack clothes for going out of town, how I wash laundry, how I store photos on the computer & server, how I write a lesson plan…it’s non-stop with me. I guess that organization is my talent, after all. I mean, I can’t help it so it must be a natural inclination or ability, right?

Hmmm. Katie, she’s one talented organizer.
That’s interesting.

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