happy daddy’s day!

I love when I get to celebrate my Daddy.
He’s not my dad…nope, ask anyone…he’s 120% my Daddy.
And he always will be. I’m completely and totally a Daddy’s girl.
And  I think he’s okay with claiming me, too. 🙂


Thank you for being the man every girl dreams of, and teaching me what to look for in a partner. Thank you for always pushing me and never letting me “cop-out,” even when I wanted to so badly. Thank you for encouraging me to always end on a good note, and for making me see my full potential.

Thank you for being both the “softie” and the “mean” parent that you needed to be, and for knowing exactly when I needed which from you. Thank you for loving me, for loving Matthew, for loving my Mama and for never giving up on your family. Thank you for showing us what it means to struggle with faith and come around again, knowing that God’s never left your side and that it’s okay to wrestle with God from time to time. Thanks for always listening and offering your advice when I ask. And thank you for knowing when to NOT give advice or butt-in on my marriage no matter how much I beg you to, all for the sake of my marriage. And thank you for loving my husband as if he were your own other son.

Thank you for the laughs…you were always great at breaking the ice in a tense situation and you always laughed at yourself, too. Thanks for being an involved Daddy – dancing, swimming, softball, basketball, driving lessons – you get the idea. Thanks for putting family first before your own wants, although you’ve set a bad precedent and have upset your adult children from time to time… Thank you for being you, the best Daddy a girl could ask for.

I love you, Daddy!

Today, tomorrow, yesterday…always!

Love, Katie

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