happy anniversary mama & daddy!

Today you turn 31 years old. Today you celebrate and give thanks to God for yet another year of life together, and today you look forward to what God has planned on the journey of y’all for the next year to come.

Today we celebrate and give thanks to God for y’all, knowing that without y’all, we would not be and our family would not be either. Today, we have lots to be thankful for, and we are mostly thankful for the gift of you two to one another from God.

As I look at your marriage, I’ve seen ups and I’ve seen downs. Mostly, though, I’ve seen unconditional love and support. I’ve seen two people who love each other dearly…more than anything on this earth…who put God first, each other second and their family a veryclose third. I see the type of couple I want to be, and the fun that I have to look forward two as I continue to grow and mature in my own marriage. I see confidantes and best of friends spending each and every day they possibly can together, loving nearly every minute, and thanking God for the blessing of each day with each other. I see deep love, joy and peace in your place as husband and wife, true loves.

Thank you for all that you have taught me. Thank you for showing me how to love and appreciate my partner on the marriage and life journey. Thank you for showing me how to put your relationship first, and family just as closely behind. Thank you for loving each other so dearly, and for showing that love to your children so that we can see what true love in a marriage looks like – even on the harder days.

Happy Anniversary!

Here’s to 31+ more years to come…

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