me, day 2: favorite movie

Again, I’m torn.

I have two favorites that I would watch all the time if I could. They are nearly polar opposites of each other, but both are great movies.

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Top Gun is the ultimate in “summer fun” movies. It’s got one of the most energetic and romantic/lovable soundtracks, and it’s got some pretty decent looking actors too. Wink, wink. It’s got all of the elements of a great movie, and it’s even one that the boys will watch, too – love, steam, competition, loss, healing, romance, big boy toys. Whew…I’m off to the “danger zone” just thinking about it.

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Life is Beautiful is one that goes down in the books as an incredible movie – and it certainly has earned it’s 3 Academy Awards. Actor Roberto Benigni is incredible, and you could literally just eat up the boy who plays the son. This is a story of love, loss, survival and dedication. How the father helps his family to survive the concentration camps is a testament to his love of life and his family. It’s also a great “lesson teacher” sort of movie – man, if I only could and would look at life as half as beautiful as these characters! Although it’s a subtitled movie, you quickly get swept into the story line and before you know it you’re shouting “Borngiorno, Principessa!” and forgetting that you’re reading words across the bottom of the screen.

Okay, so it’s going to have to be a movie night/weekend in Katie’s household this weekend. Bring the popcorn and come on over…

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