birthday update

Okay, so I told a little white lie.

Yesterday I told you that Mason’s birthday this year was going to be a “low-key” affair per his request. But, I also told you that I like to make sure the boy has a big deal made out of him for his birthday each year. So, I’ll give you one guess as to what actually transpired for his birthday yesterday. Hint: it wasn’t all that low-key.

I must preface this by saying that I have absolutely phenomenal friends who helped me to pull this off! Mason’s birthday sorta snuck up on me this year and I was in a panic that I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted to do for him, but alas…friends to the rescue and it happened!

We had a wonderful little surprise party at Saki Tumi last night in their Dragon Room with 11 of our closest friends and family, and about 200 of our best political friends, too. (I didn’t realize that we were booked to be next to the campaign headquarters of one of the local candidates…lets just say that our party was much more enjoyable than his…)

Mason was very surprised and very excited to be around his friends for a fun, relaxed and sake-laden dinner. In fact, it was so sake-laden that he got me to try one of his sushi rolls…not too bad, but I think the sake/wine combo helped to mask its true flavors. I chose to stick with the beef hibachi meal, which was actually very delicious for being a Sushi restaurant! Not one to shy away from sushi when he has the chance, Mason decided that it would be awesome to order the group-sized sushi combination platter which had well over 40 pieces of sushi and sashimi. He did share a few pieces, but mostly he hoarded and left a very happy man!

The night began with everyone arriving a few minutes before we did. We were ahead of my schedule for us, so we took a very scenic route through Shandon en route from our house to the Vista. Once there we took our time finding a parking space, then walked a block to the restaurant. We joined the rest of the gang, shared hugs, smiles and laughs…then the real party began. The manager/owner came over and offered sake shots to the table as a Happy Birthday to Mason. He asked what flavors we preferred and we said we liked all 3 options, so he brought over 13 shot glasses and 3 carafes of sake! I think each person (minus one who only did the one shot) had about 4 shots of sake, with the birthday boy taking the lead at close to 10…I lost count at some point. Basically, he enjoyed his party and I became the DD for him and another couple who shall remain nameless but had to leave their car in the Vista overnight. 🙂 We finished the night with some silly gifts and a yummy red velvet cake.

Mason seemed pleased and really enjoyed the night planned for him and executed by his friends – who I contend are the best, hands down! Because he enjoyed himself so much, I enjoyed myself and I’m thankful that he had another extra-special, just-for-Mason Happy Birthday! 🙂

And a big thank you to our friends who helped with the planning, and mostly to the ones that helped with the celebrating! Thank you for loving my husband enough to endure lots of sake on a Tuesday night. Y’all are awesome!

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