10th happy birthday

It hit me this morning when I woke up that today I get to celebrate 10 years of Happy Birthdays with my hubby.  We met in September 1999 and got to celebrate his first Happy Birthday in June 2000. Here we are, 10 years later…and I don’t ever get tired of celebrating Mason’s Happy Birthdays!

Over the past 10 years we’ve had a range of birthday celebrations. I can’t remember them all, but I can remember that each year there has been some level of a labor of love involved. Knowing that Mason’s family never really celebrated birthdays,  I have made it my mission to change that for him…he’s in my family now and this girl likes to celebrate birthdays. Sorry Hun, it’s what you’ve signed up for.

Secretly, deep down…just between you and me…I think he enjoys being spoiled on his Happy Birthday…even if he doesn’t admit it… Just be sure you don’t let him know that you know it about him.

For fun I thought I’d try to recall the last 10 Happy Birthday Mason events and share them with you here…we’ll see how I do…I don’t think I can remember them all. We’ll see…

2000 – dinner at Miyos; gift = watch

2001 – dinner out before he left for Colorado for Young Life

2002 – surprise trip to Charleston, Battery soccer game & party with friends

2003 -package, then July Australia trip w/ Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

2004 – surprise 21st party at Rockaways with family & friends

2005 – pre-wedding celebration of some sort…probably involving tools

2006 – surprise cookout at home with family & friends…even from Charlotte

2007(total brain-fart…can’t remember this year…)

2008(total brain-fart…can’t remember this year…ahhh, two in a row…)

2009 – golfing & Fort Sumter birthday weekend in Charleston

2010 – …

As promised, this year will be a low-key birthday for him. Just a night of dinner eating his favorite foods that he really only gets to eat on his birthday or when I’m not around. That means sushi. Yuck. But honey I love you, and it’s your day, so we’re going to eat sushi. (Thank goodness for chicken!)

In any case, even if I can’t remember every birthday gift I’ve given my wonderful husband, or even if I have to suffer through sushi for him…I completely love spoiling him for his Birthday, or any other opportunity I get. It’s my love language to him, and he sure seems to not mind much at all.

So, without much more ado:

Happy 27th Birthday, Mason!

I love you. Always.

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