put me in coach

That’s the song that runs through my head whenever I think of baseball. It’s the song my dad used to sing and hum all the time as I was growing up whenever we’d go to a baseball game or to the ballpark. It’s forever ingrained in my brain.

Mason loves that I’m not your “typical wife” when it comes to Carolina sporting events…I actually like them! Most ladies that I see at the ballpark are dressed up like it’s freshman year at a Carolina football game,  and they also only attend for the social aspect of the event…that and to stare at the cute players and maybe pick up a male baseball fan to take home. I’m proud to say that I’ve outgrown my time of dressing up for sporting events, and I love to go to just about any of them with my hubby whenever we can – we are even multi-sport season ticket holders…and not in the cheap seats, either. It’s a fun, interactive sort of date event for the two of us…and it’s also something we enjoy doing together because we both enjoy it. We’re lucky that we have that in common as a couple. (Or Mason’s lucky to have a wife that likes sports, too…)

This baseball season was a difficult one for us because we missed most of the weekend games due to classes. We were able to sell or give away our tickets, but it was hard not being able to attend. Ultimately, because of our class schedules we decided to pass on the opportunity to buy Regionals tickets because we didn’t know if we could go to the games or not. Well, it turns out that we could make two of the three USC games this past weekend…yeah!

We had so much fun at the ballpark this weekend, even if we did have to do some seat-hopping. We love the time we spend together cheering for our Gamecocks, and it makes it even more enjoyable when we win! (Or score a home run…because I get a smooch from my date!)

As the Cocks move into the Super Regionals this coming weekend, enjoy some pictures from this past weekend at the beautiful, fun and packed Carolina Stadium. And be sure to go and read this piece by The Shop Tart’s son as a guest columnist on her blog. Too cute!

a beautiful sunset over Carolina Stadium

Whit Merrified batting & Jackie Bradley Jr. on deck

future Gamecock pitcher, Brady…put him in coach!

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