my sweet hubby

I’ve changed office hours this summer so that I can have one day off per week and get to spend some more time at home and with Mason. I’ll be taking Fridays off, which will allow us more time to prepare for our classes each weekend. Since I’m taking one day off per week it means that I’m working longer hours every other day of the week. I now work from 8:00 – 6:00 each day. Yuck! But, I keep reminding myself how glorious it will be to have that day off each week…

Yesterday was Day One of the new schedule and it ended up being a long day. (Today should be shorter b/c I’m busy all day long.) By the time I got home last night I was tired, pooped actually. I walked in the door and my hubby greeted me, took my bags and put them down, then walked to the fridge and pulled out at Captain Hook for me. All while finishing the Katie-requested fresh guacamole as an appetizer to supper!

On the way home from work, since he’s still getting off at 5:00, he went to the store to pick up some essentials. Then he came home and began preparing a feast for supper. I do mean a feast, too. We had steak, Yukon gold potatoes, grilled corn and green beans from our garden. And it was delicious! We enjoyed some movie time together while eating our feast, then he proceeded to fold laundry AND clean the kitchen up from dinner while I got ready for bed. (Early nights for me since I’m up early now.)

I knew that my wonderful hubby was going to try to have supper ready for me more regularly when I come home from work/gym, but man…that was super top-notch treatment. I could get used to this!

And this morning…

I got up and got in the shower. While I was getting dressed he fixed my lunch, three snacks for the day, my breakfast for the road and folded more laundry, too!

Where did he come from?
What does he want?

More importantly…how did I get so lucky? I really do think I could get used to this kind of service. Man, it’s the life! Thank you, my sweet, sweet hubby. I love you!

What’s something sweet that someone’s done for you lately that just made you stop and think, “Wow! I’m really lucky to have this person in my life!”

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