can i get your vote, please?

Our church youth group is starting a new initiative in the fall based around ideas from the youth themselves. The initiative is the 5th Quarter event.

We’ll open our doors to teenagers from all across the Northeast area of Columbia & Blythewood to come to the church after the Friday evening football games for a time of food, fun, contests and more in a safe, substance-free environment.

We already have sponsorships lined up, but the more sponsorship money we have, the better and badder (good, but you know what I mean…) the event can be.

Please take a moment to vote for New Kirk 5th Quarter in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Please do so daily. Only the top 10 initiatives in each category will be awarded the money. We’ve fluctuated a lot each day in the contest, so please vote for us and only us everyday. And if you  have multiple email addresses, even better…use ’em all!

Thanks for taking the time to vote for us. We are really excited about the prospects, and even more excited about what our youth have planned so far!

New Kirk 5th Quarter Event




And tomorrow, too! 🙂

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