One of my love languages is gifts. I absolutely LOVE to give gifts! I love to think about what a person likes or wants, do some research and figure a way to give them what they want without them telling me what they want.

And I must say, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Like, I start planning Mason’s Christmas gifts in sometimes January, but usually its around April-May-June-July. This allows me plenty of time to save up, do my research, and plan it out perfectly. I listen to him and pay attention to him year-round, and I’m always able to give him a gift that he loves and wants, without ever actually voicing that he wanted the specific gift. (And sometimes, without even realizing that he wanted the gift.)

Some of my favorites in the past have been:

  • Watch, the first birthday we were together, back in June 2000
  • Surprise Charleston trip, soccer game & party with Jim -19th birthday
  • Surprise 21st birthday gathering of friends & family at Rockaways
  • Craftsman cordless drill – our first Christmas as homeowners
  • Craftsman convertible weed eater/edger/blower/tiller –  Christmas
  • ACOUSTIC GUITAR! – Christmas 2009
  • Wii…for our third anniversary…I broke my own “no video games rule”
  • Official Cocky golf club cover & round of golf in Charleston – birthday
  • Heritage tickets – Easter 2008
  • Hilton Head Ocean Course round of golf – Easter 2009

In our 10 years together, I’ve had LOTS of opportunities to shower him with gifts. I actually love the challenge of another chance to figure out just another “perfect for him” gift. Afterall, he’s totally worth each one and every bit of effort put into making them happen!

Most of the gifts I’ve given him have required a little extra help. For some may parents have had to come to the house and make some switcheroos or hide Christmas gifts on Christmas eve while we were gone. For some I’ve enlisted his sister & godfather to help make the surprises happen. For some I’ve encouraged friends from out-of-town to come, and even hosted them in our packed house so that they could be there to celebrate with us. For some I’ve had to pull strings with contacts to get “official” gear and special permission. For all, they’ve been out of pure love of my husband.

I was sad when we first met to find out that birthdays weren’t a big deal in his house growing up. They were always a big deal in mine – my parents had to make them a big deal or else Christmas would swallow both mine and Matthew’s whole – so it made me sad to hear that they weren’t a big deal in his house. I made it my duty to spoil him rotten whenever I could…birthdays just as the starting point.


It does my heart good to think of others – my husband, especially – and think of what I can get them that would be extra special to them. It’s one way that I show my love for them. It may be something as small as flowers to welcome home your daughter, or paying for your dinner on an impromptu double date, or a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, or yoga classes, or clothes from a favorite store, or making a bag & cds for chemo treatments, or a donation to a charity of choice… It brings me so much joy to shower others with gifts of love to show my love.


This year, I’m stuck, however. I’m not allowed to spend any money on a gift for Mason, and there are two or three things that I’d really love to give to him for both his birthday and our upcoming 5th anniversary. I’m not even allowed to spend money on items to make him something. UGH! It actually makes me very sad that he’s putting limits on me showering him, since it is one of my love languages. I guess I’ll just have to be extra crafty then…and start stocking up on supplies to make him something between now and June.

One way or another…the boy will be getting a gift from me! 🙂


So tell me…

What are some of your favorite gifts that you’ve received or given?
Why did they mean so much to you?

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