a non-heritage heritage weekend

Mason and I have started to make a tradition out of heading down to Hilton Head Island for the Heritage every April for a number of reasons, one of which being it falls perfectly in our time off from classes between winter & summer terms. We’ve been doing this for about 4 years now, and the first year I surprised Mason with tickets to the tournament, knowing how much of a golf fan he is. Of course, having so much fun, we had to do it every year…until this year. We decided for financial reasons not to order tickets when it was time to re-order them for 2010, but even as time grew closer and money was a bit more available, we still decided not to order them. Or, Mason decided we shouldn’t order them this year.

It had become a tradition to me, so I was very hesitant to let the weekend go by without us watching some golf…I even tried to win free tickets on the radio the morning we were to leave! Although we didn’t see a stroke of golf played, we had an incredible  Heritage weekend vacation this year!

When we arrived on Friday, we were so delighted to see the resort and check into our room overlooking the marsh. We then walked down to the pier and took a few pictures of each other and the sunset before getting ready for our dinner that evening at the Sunset Grille at the north end of the island.

Friday afternoon sunset at the Pier

silhouettes in the marsh


We decided to bite the bullet and head to a highly recommended location for dinner, the Sunset Grill. We were a bit wary about this restaurant because it sits atop a laundromat and office of an RV & Yacht Club park. Yes, basically a trailer park. My parents kept saying how much we had to go visit this place, but Mason and I have different tastes in restaurant locations when we’re on vacation, so we didn’t quite know what to expect. We called and made a reservation for the last available table on Friday night and asked about dress – “nice casual,” which is defined by the Hilton Head Restaurant Guide as “slacks with an oxford shirt, coat optional, no tie required.” I went in a skirt & sweater combo and Mason wore kakhi shorts & a polo shirt. We were dressed appropriately. Phsew!

When we arrived it was dark, so finding parking was quite interesting. We felt like we were walking toward the pool to the park, but when we got upstairs there was a very different feel. It was a quaint, word-of-mouth type of restaurant…and we were glad the secret was passed on to us! The service was fantastic and the food was even better. Mason chose the smoked salmon and grits and I had the special, filet with garlic potatoes and green beans. We began the meal with soup & an appetizer. I had the soup…this is what Mason chose:

frog legs with roasted pablano pepper sauce

Yes, my husband had the frog legs. (Give me some credit…I tasted them too!) He loved them and we decided they needed to be served with a rubber-ducky-style plastic frog in the center of the plate. For humor, of course. 🙂


To further whet your appetite, here’s what the rest of the meal looked like:

filet mignon with gorgonzola and an orchid

smoked salmon, spinach, grits & dijon sour cream sauce


The most wonderful thing about this non-Heritage Heritage weekend for us was the freedom to do whatever, whenever with no time restraints. We slept until we woke up on Saturday morning…which was actually 10:20 AM! When we woke up, we dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and walked to the recreation desk to get our bikes for the weekend. Then we biked about 1.5 miles down the road to a bagel shop for fresh water bagels for “breakfast.” Upon our return we decided that it was time for the beach. After biking our way over to the beach, we literally laid and napped in the sun for hours. We did walk on the beach some, jump in the pool briefly and get hooked on the daily drink special, The Captain Hook:

peach, mango, banana, grenadine & Captain Morgan
(and, yes, that was my view for the day…)



Saturday was followed with another great dinner at Catch 22, another locally owned restaurant with delicious food! (I don’t think we need to say that we ate very well this past weekend!)

Sunday morning was a sad morning for us…it meant that we had to go back home and leave perfect relaxation. We woke up and went for a “quick” 6 mile bike ride before returning back to pack up and head out to brunch. We had planned to return to Sunset Grill for brunch, but they were closed for Championship Day at the Heritage, so we went to Aqua on the south part of the island instead. We nearly had the place to ourselves, save one other table, and we enjoyed mimosas, bloody mary’s and some yummy brunchy goodness. We finished up the weekend with some outlet shopping and an early head home so to enjoy some down time at home before the week started up again. Weekends are always too short!


A few more  fun pictures from the weekend…the perfect weekend for us. We had to constantly remind each other to slow down by saying, “we are not at home” and it worked wonders. We really came to appreciate a vacation where we’re not running around trying to pack things into each day…a vacation where we just were. How nice!

enjoying a bike ride



So, tell me about your weekend…what did you do?

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