we are the truth

In response to the recent adoption story of Artyem Saveliev, the Joint Council on International Children’s Services is asking adoptive families to join in the “We Are The Truth” campaign to tell their adoption stories. I was intrigued, so I read the website above. Persons who know adoptive families are asked to share stories as well.

I am not an adoptive parent, but I am an adopted Child of God. And I know some families who are growing their brood through international adoption. And I know two wonderful Russian boys who were adopted by American parents quite a few years ago. And I may one day, possibly, should God lead me down that path, be an adoptive parent. Who knows? I don’t, but I know that my heart is broken for Artyem and the other children worldwide, especially in Russia, who so desperately need a home and a family.

Please, when you have a moment, take time to read the stories of these two families, my friends, who are so incredible to grow their family through adoption.

Rachel & Kevin
Gabriel & Clementine
Gabriel, 5, was adopted from Guatemala &
Clementine, 2, was recently adopted from Ethiopia


Leigh & Gray
awaiting their two babies from Ethiopia


And if you want to read about an orphan/adoption advocate family, please visit and read all about Lucy Lane and her family in Tennessee.


a family of 6 adopted Lucy Lane from Ethiopia to expand to 7




As a youth leader you are blessed to be introduced to all sorts of families from all sorts of backgrounds. We have a family in our church with a younger child who is adopted. And we have a family with two teenagers from Russia. These boys needed some extra love and care, and they like to push limits, but they are two of the sweetest, most wonderful boys! When I heard the story, I immediately thought of Alex & Sergei. I immediately thought of their parents, Keith & Rose and all that they have gone though together as a family. And my heart broke.

I am so thankful that we have the ability to live into our own adoptions and bring more of God’s children into our lives through local and international adoptions alike. And I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed by two wonderful Russian teenagers…my life would not be the same without having Alex & Sergei in my life. Yes, I would have been less frustrated at times, but I would not have laughed so much, I would not have been able to share Christ with these boys, and I would not have been able to love them the way that I do.


Alex & Mason playing Pterodactyl

Sergei, enjoying some down time in Montreat


When you have time, take a moment and read about these families…and say a few prayers for the children still awaiting their homes with their new families in locations all across the globe. We are all living in the Truth. We are God’s children, adopted through love and grace. And we are called to love each and every other child of God just the same.

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