My little brother is in Haiti right now. (And he’d probably kill me for calling him “my little brother,” too.) Words can’t describe how proud I am of him for not only going to Haiti as part of a mission group from UWI, but also for taking the initiative to lead this mission group in fundraising, planning and service.

My mom pointed out to me the other day that Matthew has never been on an international mission trip before. When we had opportunities with church growing up, I went, but he was always too busy with sports. This is his first mission trip…and he’s in a very broken country. And I’m so proud to call him my little brother!

We got word from him last night that he’s hit a rough patch and that things are much worse than can be imagined. Please continue to keep him, his team, his colleagues and the Haitians in your prayers as you can. Below is an excerpt from an email he sent when he had brief email access. There is language, but I think it’s appropriate for the situation in Haiti. When I look at pictures, it’s what comes to my mind, so I can only imagine what would be forefront if I were there and working.


“Anyway, here you go:

btw, the country is completely torn to shit and Haitians
are afraid to go back into buidlings…its very hard down here.

we have completely rebuilt a new clinic this week and they just moved into it from the old school that was being used–the kids went back today for the first time, so we had to be out of there, …being out in the sun from 8=6 for the past three days…and its hot as hell here, way hotter than Barbados.”


I can’t wait to hear more about the trip from him – how the trip will completely change his life, just like my time in Yachachen, Merida, Mexico completely changed mine. It’s amazing the work that God does in our lives when we’re willing to open ourselves up and remove ourselves from our comfort zones to serve God & God’s people.

Matthew is currently working with his Rotaract crew in Leogane with Community Health Initiative:



I’ll share more with you as I know more and as Matthew allows me to share. In the meantime, will you please join my family in praying for Matthew. We’re also praying for his crew, his colleagues in Haiti, and the Haitians that he’s serving and working with.


Blessings, Matthew. I love you, and I’m so proud of you!


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