(a drop in the) bucket list

No, I’m not trying to be morbid here. I saw another blogger post her “bucket list” thoughts and  it got me thinking. I’ve not really fully considered what all I want to do before I kick the bucket, but here’s a start. I call it my “A Drop in the Bucket List” knowing that more will come as my life evolves and as I consider the list more.


  1. Graduate from seminary
  2. Ordination to Ministry of Word & Sacrament
  3. Add on to my already wonderful family of two
  4. Return to Australia & New Zealand to visit old friends & see missed sights
  5. Visit Scotland
  6. Visit Ireland
  7. Take Mason over to England
  8. See the Holy Land
  9. Complete a 5K or a sprint triathlon
  10. Publish a curriculum
  11. Write or co-write small group leader guide for Montreat Youth Conference
  12. Work part-time (for a bit) to spend time with my family
  13. Spoil Mason rotten…surprise him annually with some gift or event
  14. Serve on planning team for a Montreat Youth Conference
  15. Live a life of gratitude and service to God everyday



I think that’s a pretty good place to start…

What’s on your list?
I’d like to get more ideas for mine.

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