(free) weekend recap

This was our first free weekend that we’ve had since we started school back for the Spring semester on January 8th. Needless to say, it was very welcomed…and much needed, too.

On Friday evening we joined our friends Rusty & Jana for dinner, dessert and a movie at their place. We’ve done this many times with them on Saturday nights after long days/weekends of classes, but this time it was different. There was no “time limit” because of church the next day, and we were all just relaxed and laughing…free from school worries for a little while. We even all decided an appropriate dress code for the evening was pajamas, so Mason & I left our house in pjs for a night of fun with some of our great friends! We sure do love to relax and “just be” with them. They actually “get” us and our schedule…and it’s quite refreshing!

Saturday morning we slept in. Well, I did. Mason woke up early to get a jump-start on yard work. I decided that “up” for me was not going to be until closer to 9:15. (And trust me, that’s actually early for me on a sleep-in Saturday!) While Mason ran an errand, I got some breakfast ready for us…tall glasses of milk and orange cinnamon rolls! Yummo!! When we stopped by the store on Friday after work, Mason chuckled when I picked up the cinnamon rolls. Then I reminded him that we actually could make them and enjoy them and he got really excited. Small things, right?

Our breakfast picnic on the livingroom floor carried us through a long day of cleaning inside and sprucing up the yard outside. I did the inside, M tackled the outside. And boy did he do a fabulous job, too! I’m so thankful to have such a talented, patient and dang cute yard man in my life. He loves our yard and loves to make it beautiful for us. While he was outside, I scrubbed the inside of the house pretty much from top to bottom. (Okay, we still have some laundry to finish and a few other small things to complete, but you get the idea.) It was hard work, but I started to finally feel better about it when I was in the midst. I really appreciated it, though last night when I came home after a  long day away and had  CLEAN HOUSE!

Following our long day of spring cleaning, we invited our “new” neighbors Joey & Tonia over for dinner. Joey is a wine rep and a culinary school graduate, so he whipped up a steak sauce and we grilled the steaks, made potatoes, and had a fresh City Roots salad to match our wine selections and tasting notes. We completed the meal with grilled bananas & cream all the while sharing stories about each other and learning lots about our new neighbors. It was so much fun, and we’ve already decided that we’ll do it again. And I must say, the weather was absolutely perfect for a meal under the oak tree & stars out on the de-pollinated deck!

Sunday morning was an early morning for us and it meant a packed day, too. We left the house around 8:00 in the morning and returned at 9:00 at night. (To a spotless house, I might add!) We had a great worship service with guest pastor Kevin Cartee, a friend and also former camp counselor of mine. Kevin spoke to us about recognizing “Resurrection moments” in our lives and living into Easter every day, not just on Easter Sunday. It was quite a blessing, Kevin…thank you!

After a nice leisurely lunch at Brixx, we headed back to church to prepare for NKPY. The middle schoolers were sparse, but the high schoolers were out in full-force…22 of them! We had a fun night where we worked hard and went through a modified exegetical process to determine our theme for Youth Sunday 2010. I would reveal it, but I can’t. Not until May 23rd. But I’m super excited about the them they chose, the process they took to choose the theme, and our youth preacher for this year! Make plans to visit NKP on May 23rd for this year’s youth sunday…you won’t be disappointed!

After NKPY, we had a group of about 8 high schoolers that hung around to help clean up and just chat. They invited us to join them for some yogenfruz after we left the church, but we decided we needed to head home. We’re not young spritely high schoolers anymore, you know. On the way home I told Mason that I had a major resurrection moment last night…God is showing me over and over again how amazing our youth leaders are, and how blessed I am to be working with them and to have relationships and friendships with them. I mean, really…they hung around to clean up and even invited us to join them for ice cream?!? What planet are these young adults from that they actually want their youth advisors to hang out with them? I don’t know and I don’t care, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to minister to them and have them minster to me as well.



Thank you, Lord, for a restful and busy weekend. Thank you for time to reunite with “old” friends and make new friends. Thank you for showing me your glory over and over again through these amazing teenagers you’ve put in my life. Thank you for my ministry with them and for this amazing calling. I pray that I can continue to love them and work for you in their lives for as long as you have called me to this ministry. Thank you, Lord, thank you! Amen.

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