good friday

A group of us from church traveled on Friday to Atlanta to take part in the Good Friday @ Verizon worship service with Passion City Church. We learned about the service when I was doing an online search a few months ago and found an announcement. We bought our tickets then and boy am I glad…the event was a packed house at over 12,000 people in attendance to contemplate and celebrate the Cross of Christ on a beautiful Friday evening.


Louie Giglio spoke to us about the history and theology of the Cross, and we were led in praise by the Passion City Church Band, including:

Chris Tomlin

Matt Redman


We were also led in praise by Christy Nockels and Kristian Stanfill, as well. The night was a powerful night of praise & worship which included a lot of introspection and reflection on the power of the Cross. And what an amazing way to spend Good Friday – with 12,000+ voices joining together to praise our Almighty God.


We learned from Louie Giglio that many local Christian radio stations heard about the event and decided to video stream it live on their websites, which then spread to national Christian radio stations following suit. At the end of the evening Louie announced that more than 33,000 people worldwide were watching the streaming along with us, including even one person in Israel!


From the outset we knew that the night would include an offering to help rebuilding efforts in Haiti, and our “tickets” were all donations to Haiti relief efforts as well. There were limited print t-shirts that were sold to support Living Water International to help build wells in Haiti for sustainable drinking water. There were 800 shirts available. I snagged one for my parents to give to my brother in honor of his upcoming Rotaract mission trip to Haiti next week. He’s pretty stoked about the shirt!


In addition to the shirt sales, we collected an offering to support two other ministries and the rebuilding efforts: Samaritan’s Purse is building semi-permanent housing for 10 people each with water collection and filtration systems built-in, and Compassion International is rebuilding their child development centers which were destroyed causing more than 30,000 children to have no place for shelter, protection or meals. Louie challenged us – we had a goal of $83,000 to take up in offering for the night. It was as very steep challenge, but the Spirit was moving in such a mighty way to share the love that was poured out for us in real, tangible ways. At the end of the night, we shattered the goal…I’ll let you read Louie’s post to see where we ended up. All I can say is AMAZING, GOD!


The event, the trip, and the company made looking forward to Easter Sunday that much more sweet. We had a great time, and hopefully, we can return again next year…without having to take an exam the morning of!

Katie, Mason, Danny, Candy, Kent, BA, Jana & Rusty 


Thanks, everybody, for a great trip! And thanks to the Passion City Worship Team for taking us on an incredibly journey to the Cross in time for Easter. It really changed my perspective on Sunday morning.


Thank you, God, for the Cross!

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